Where Does Your Traffic Come From? (Fun Poll)

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This is a fun (anonymous) poll just to see how popular each traffic source is these days. Some of these traffic sources you may have never heard of before. This is a great way to learn from others and get inspiration.

Share with us a few tips on how you get your traffic and what we can expect from our efforts. We are obviously not asking you for any keywords, ad copies or the names of your websites. Rather we are looking for general strategies to use that we Warriors can all benefit from.

I'll start out by saying I get much of my traffic from social media and article marketing. This accounts for much of my income. I also get traffic from organic rankings. Given the vast traffic sources out there, I know it is important for me to expand my horizons and tap into different means. This will expand my reach and ultimately increase my sales.

Have fun with this and don't forget to participate in the poll
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