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Hi all,

I have a website which has a great product however its failing to convert many people, It makes just 60 euros a month which is nothing. Could anyone possibly take a look at it and give me some tips and advice on how to improve it? I've tried to use some techniques on the page however they don't seem like hey are enough. The sales page gets roughly 150 visits a day.

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    Can anyone please help┬┐

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  • If it genuinely is your website, and not a cheesy attempt at an affiliate link, then it might be a better idea for you to post this in the copywriting section.

    But please read the checklist at the top first.

    Good luck!


    None of the text particularly stands out to me, and it sounds as if you are just describing your product. You need to play with peoples emotions a little, get them excited about what you are offering. This is just my opinion, but it could be wrong. Definitely have a chat with the people on the copy writing section of the forum. They'll be able to help.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply, do you think its all to do with the copy then?
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    Yeah man.

    I guess sales letters exist for a reason.

    I once had an "extremely short salespage" which looks something like yours, thinking that the 'less is more' concept will prevail.

    Like you, a hundred visitors did not convert, except for a few lucky sales.

    Note: These visitors all came from the search engines (mainly Google). There were no affiliates who tried to presell the product, which I have now come to find out to be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Preselling is KEY.

    But right after I wrote a long (5 pages) of copy that looks like a ClickBank product salespage, conversions immediately tripled.

    PS: I was a horrible copywriter at that time and I think I still am!

    Hope this helps Jake. True experience.

    Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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