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Any suggestion on what commision rate to offer for about 20-30 pages e-book and for about 40 pages e-book? It`s about weight loss etc..

The total price is 37$

Thanks for all advices
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    It depends on the Affiliate network you're using. If it's going on Clickbank, I'd suggest atleast 50% as alot of the rates are quite high to compete. If you have a high rate, the more affiliates will go for your product over others, you may even want to ramp it up to 75%

    Hope this helps.
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      I was thinking about 60 to 80%. More would be to much.

      btw.. anyone knows for any good site to find JV partners in that niche ? . I will also ask in JV section..
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    i don't think price matters on the length of the ebook because it's about quality not quantity. There's so many competitors in this area so what I'd say is that you try to target something specific about weight loss rather than a generic ebook. This way you can charge more for your ebook with less competition.
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      If you're talking about Clickbank, it's advisable to look at it from the perspective of the potential affiliates (the serious ones).

      Many have an eps cut-off of $25 when they search for potential products to promote.

      You need to work out the algorithm "backwards" to see what percentage of commission you need to offer for their eps to be $25.01 rather than $24.99, if you see what I mean? Otherwise thousands of potential affiliates may simply never see your product.

      And with that $37 price, you have a potential problem, because 75% commission gives the affiliates $24.92, net of Clickbank charges/costs, and 75% is the highest commission rate available on Clickbank.

      If you make the price $39, on the other hand ... that would give the affiliates $26.30.

      (But if you believe the urban myth that "prices have to end in a '7' ", that doesn't help, either).
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