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"Where all think alike, no one thinks very much".

Is anyone else making large facebook pages to display on their sites for social proof??

What I mean by this is that people see how "popular" your product is (or isn't) and thus buy it because "if so many people like it, why wouldn't it work for me?"
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    This is a great idea and I've already seen it used
    as testimonials.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I've seent it springing up everywhere, check out the Rosetta Stone US homepage for example of this!
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    yes, and this idea started to be used widelly across, especially in black heat marketing, as people tend to buy it (testimonials, i mean), which makes it difficult to realize what is truth and what is not.
    Sadly internet is like that our days.

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    Sure, this is one single form of social proof and depending on your market it could increase the credibility of you or your product.
    However, to stimulate emotions with your prospect you will need written testimonials that the prospect can relate with.
    Other people like them that have solved their problem with your product. That you can't get from simple 'likes'. You can buy 'likes' 10k at the time for a dime.
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    use facebook for all your internet marketing campaign
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    I've seen this done well with screenshots of the Facebook fan pages using the reviews app. Here is an example I found of the review app being used. You could then just take a screenshot of the reviews and use them on your sales page/website:
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    sure! I use it extensively! Specifically, I use twiends to build fb fans to a fanpage that is dedicated to my money site. Then on my money site, I have added the fan box script which shows how many "likes" you have .. which currently grows daily (thx to daily login to twiends)

    Also, IMO, Big G can see the "likes" and ends up "like"ing it as well
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    Sometimes I do like using facebook pages for getting optins over squeezepages because of the social proof. I find it converst better as well.

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    If you have a following you should definitely use it! But if you have a dead FB page with a 1000 fake spam friends people will see through it.
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