Is Google revealing it's business model??

by garyv
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Have you seen the video on Google's home page today? It's a tribute to Charlie Chaplin on his 122nd birthday. However if you pay close attention to the video, I believe they're revealing a bit more with this one. I know the video is all in fun, but if I had to sum up my business dealings with Google into one short video, this one would come very close. Even the percentages are close. Of course I happily let them do it. But maybe... just maybe I thought they were someone else, as they hid behind their "fan" of "Do no Evil". - But anyways - All in fun right?

Here's the video if you've missed it...

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    Wow... after watching it for the second time, I'm realizing that the part where he steals the painting is symbolizing Googles ability to casually "borrow" copyrighted work - ie scraping every book on the planet, and the purchase of youtube - and then trying to profit from it. - All in fun though.
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