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I am new here and I look forward to engaging in discussion. I have been browsing the posts for quite some time and wanted to say thanks to all those who post the candid and honest information. I am a natural skeptic (and for good reason) so it is refreshing to be around like-minded no-bs types of people.

I look forward to some interesting discussions. Hey, I might even be able to help someone with the little bit of knowledge I have gained from trial and error.
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    Why don't you make another post on what you've learned recently maybe other people who are starting out would save time reading your own post

    Just an Idea...

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    Welcome to the forum. Very glad to have you join us here today.

    There is so much great info here.

    All the best.
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    Hi and welcome! There is a great amount of useful information to be found here and a lot of people willing to answer questions and help any way they can.

    Wish you much success!
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