What is this PayPal Purchase Request?

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Just tried to purchase a new product from a Warrior via PayPal and this popped-up:

"Your recipient requires instant payments."

There was then a request to pay instantly from my bank account.

I did not make the purchase. (Sorry Mike).

Anyone know what's up with this? Not sure why payment from my PayPal would not suffice and there is a request for my bank account. That's why I use PayPal.
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    It's probably a glitch in the payment system, PM the seller, let him know the issue and they can correct it on their end.

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    Did you have enough funds? I get that when I try and use an echeck.

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      I don't know, but it could also be an ad of sorts. Lately every time I try to buy something (and I KNOW I have the funds in PayPal) it asks if I want to use the "Bill Me Later" feature.

      No thanks! (Read "Hell no! Just let me make my purchase!)

      So PayPal may just be trying to get you to link your account in more ways so you'll use it more.

      Also, is your account verified? I had problems buying things when mine wasn't.
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      Originally Posted by GarrieWilson View Post

      Did you have enough funds? I get that when I try and use an echeck.

      Plenty of funds. LOL - this is a $4.97 purchase. Never tried an echeck, but there wasn't even an option for that. It was just "recipient requires instant payments" with a request to pay instantly from my bank account instead of my PayPal account.

      Maybe payment is only setup for echecks.

      My account has the works: Business account. Verified. At least 7 years old. Probably 1000+ transactions. Earning interest. PayPal MasterCard.
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    I have never come across someone who only accepts instant payments. But when you link a checking account to your PayPal Account, it will default to Instant Transfer and give you the option to change the payment method. That's how it works for me anyways.
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