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I am new to IM. I want to do affiliate marketing in the credit repair and insurance niches. Obviously these are competitive markets. I have searched for exact keyword phrase domains to try and quickly rank in the search engines but there are few. So, if I were to modify the keywordphrase domain to something like: keywordphraseHQ.com, how would I go about trying to get ranked in google.....would it still rely on keyword rich content?

I am trying to find a fast and reasonable way to generate traffic. I am not looking to use PPC initially until I learn more. Along the same theme, can I get pages within my site to rank for specific keyword terms regardless of domain? Thank you
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    The domain name is just one of many factors. You can rank above all others even with a domain name that is completely nonsensical. Ranking depends on many, many different SEO efforts.

    Exact match domains are helpful, but not the end-all.
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    Exact match domains are a huge boost, I can tell you that from SEO I've personally done for a range of sites.

    This is how I see domains and keywords. You always want your primary keyword in the domain.

    First choice would be an exact match domain, second choice would be dash keyword domain and third choice would be adding an extra word like HQ or 101.
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