Business plan for newbie Internet Marketers to build a business

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I just wanted to provide my 2 cents worth to success for newbie Internet marketers to hopefuklly cut through all the information overload out there.

Over the time I have been involved with Internet marketing, I have learned a lot. When I now look back on all I have learned, there are 5 x simple steps or processes that I can honestly say, if you focus on fulfilling these and completing them, then you will be well on your way to having a 'business online'

There will be many Warriors out there no doubt, that will want to add to this list, but these are the items that I believe are ones that should be developed and created as an integral part of being successful online. It isn't rocket science, and there shouldn't be many costs associated with doing this- it really just takes time;

1) Make or create a Product (Ebook, video, software whatever, that you can sell, and ideally have a range of products from cheap to expensive)

2) Build a site in your niche, whether it has your own domain, whether its a free blogger, or squidoo, site or whatever, you do need to create your own real estate on the web

3) Get Setup to Build a List (Obviously requires an autoresponder service -I use Aweber, and there really good. You also need a squeeze page, or some opt in forms)

4) Create a series of Followup emails once people subscribe to your list. This should be enough so that you have created a good 6 months worth of regular email correspondence, with good tips, giveaways, and the occassional marketing promotional email.

5) Traffic generation techniques to build traffic to your site, and/or squeeze page

That's it. Sure, there are lots of details to be learned about to fulfil each of these 5 steps, but set this up as your business plan, and you'll on your way, and it will help keep you focussed, and avoid the next bright shiny object that could distract you from your plan.

Good luck
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    Just to add to this. This is correct on some of the things that you need to get started but you also need to start with baby steps. Start with the free advertising such as:
    -Social media
    -Free classified
    -some directories
    - Some email marketing is free at the beginner level

    The opportunities are great for free advertising. Of course you will get better results when you get your feet wet and learn to target your audience and appeal to their needs and wants. But this is a great way to get started without wasting a lot of money and take the chance of getting minimal results.

    Good Luck To all!
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    Great post. No fluff and straight to the point. I'm a newbie and I just love reading these type of posts.

    Now to research the expansion of those points
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      I'm glad I could be of help. Let me know if require any further help on the finer points there

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