Skype/Powergrammo Users...How Can You Record Offline Voicemail messages?

by Nick Brighton 7 replies
Ok, I have just bought a Skype In phone number so that I have an official business line and don't need customers/associates to have Skype to call me.

I have set it up so that my Powergammo software (which is used to record Skype calls) will automatically record messages left for me on my voicemail...

...BUT when I close out of Skype completely on my PC, I can still get the voicemail message left on my Skype, but Powergrammo doesn't actually record it.

Anyone know how to get around this? Perhaps, there is a way to export that message out of Skype?

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    Use Pamela!

    Cheap, durable and long lasting (OK JK)

    Pamela will do the trick... Rtecords even your chats and voicemails... You can even create custom voice mail messages.
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    personally i use SkypeCap for Mac. SkypeCap for Mac is great for personal use and business!!! All recorded files in a good quality! Calls are saved in an MP4 format: compact and versatile- for me it's very important.
    At site you can try it as well for windows!
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    You don't have to use any other program just set it up in skype then it wont matter if you are online or not. Just go to tools and then options and then calls and click on voice mail and record your message.

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    For record Skype calls the best soft it's IMCapture for Skype.
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    Download Audacity

    it is free

    then select the option to record (what you hear)...meaning if it comes out of your speakers, it gets recorded.

    Then when you login to listen to skype voicemails, just record what you are hearing in audacity

    then you can export as wav (to burn to CD) or mp3 or whatever.
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