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Hey everyone, sorry If I've posted this in the wrong section ...newbie!

I've been running an AdWords campaign for just over a month on a newsletter signup form using a questionnaire. Currently seeing about 20% conversion rate.

Does anyone have any advice or feedback on the squeeze page/questionnaire I've made? I'm trying to improve the conversion rate.

The site is

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    Does anyone have any thoughts or feedback on this?

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      This is an interesting idea. It's not really the traditional landing page is it? What I would do is set up some split tests. Test a traditional squeeze that explains that they will get a personalized report after they sign up and keep testing. Split testing is the only way you will be able to increase your conversion rate over time. Check out google page optimizer. It's free and a pretty good tool for split testing.

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      I really like it. Its different and it made me feel like I was going to get exactly what i was looking for.

      All i would say is you need to add in what you have to offer to build some excitement for the customer. But im sure you did that in your report.

      I just went through the squeeze page.

      nice work

      hope this helps


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        Thanks for the feedback

        Kevin: The site is currently using website optimiser. It used to have the "traditional" landing page but was only converting at about 5-10%. So I split tested and came to the current questionnaire which is on 20%+.

        Rich: Good point about adding in what I have to offer. I'll add that to one of the split tests

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