Which Do You Trust More: Webalizer or Awstats?

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Hey all,

I just checked one of my webpage's stats and I've noticed an interesting thing...

Awstats and Webalizer both give me dramatically different number of visitors.

Which do you use? Or, if you are using a Wordpress blog, which plugins do you use that accurately show you how many visitors you are getting to your site?

Also, do the traffic numbers from Awstats and Webalizer show the impression from "robots?"

Thanks in advance.
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    I'd go Google Analytics. ... Google and SiteMeter usually give me almost identical stats, and I think that's hard to do unless they are accurate. In other words, it would be hard to be wrong and come out with the same stats.

    Google, of course, gives more detailed stats than the free Sitemeter stats, so I usually don't even bother with Sitemeter anymore.
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      I use Webalizer on some of my sites. Never had an issues.
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    Awstats. Webalizer doesn't seem to pick up all the visitors it doesn't seem ver accurate. Plus I like the Update now option for Awstats which gives you realtime stats, Webalizer updates every 12 to 24 hours.

    As a second traffic monitoring tool use Google Analytics
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    I use awstats, webalizer looks too "windows 3" to me hehe. I have google analytics but I need to get it sorted out, it says my blog has 1 visit this month, awstats says X hundreds
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      I find that after using the Statpress, Statcounter, and Clicky that I keep coming back to Awstats. I'm seems to give me a picture of all the activity.



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    Different tools might show different stats, and checking them all would just take too much time for me, so I only use Google Analytics for all of my sites.
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    I normally use Google Analytics. But AWStats is much more accurate and provide real time results and in-depth. Go for it.
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    G Analytics is a great solution, really intuitive and easy to use. However, it only picks up users with javascript enabled and it won't show 404 pages. AWStats and webalizer work off the server logs, therefore more accurate. Great for discovering missing links etc

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