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Hello WF users, I was introduced to this forum some days ago and I love it, I am gratefull I got here...
Ok so I decided to make an advertisement site but it have had very few traffic so far and no sales at all and its been up for more than a month...
My site is:
For people experienced on this kind of sites, can you tell me if it is a good idea to have a site with different products to advertise or to have just a review site for one single product, also any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    ROFL- You have the most ironic URL I seen in a long time. Website about money making on a TLD that was originally put in place for NPO's

    Pretty nice website but your header is rather off, kind of overlapping with the navbar.

    You should also get your site indexed (add url to the 3 major SE's), put a sitemap.xml and submit it to your Google Webmaster tools account. I see you're using WP so you can get (I recommend and use) RAX- Google Sitemap plugin.

    I'd also suggest you place your AdSense ads on top, it's easy money. You mention your site is about advertising, you should put a section where other webmasters can contact you to advertise on your site! Also, you should fix the link of your second FAST CASH picture, it's broken. I'd also suggest increasing your font since 1 notch, for old guys like me, it's hard to read at some points.

    Great job though you're on the right track
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    Thank you for your comments, it always help to get second opinions, I will definitely look into ads from google at the top, one of the reasons I didnt do it is because I thought that it was going to look cheap or that my only purpose is to sell, but thanks I will change that, also about the plugin, is that a premium plugin because I could not find it on the search for plugins.
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    yep, the header is overlaping on the navbar, i like the sites overall design and content, the idea is awesome, and i agree with cheaptraafficdude, put the adsense in the top, more CTRs , overall is an awesome website, kudos to you man
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      Awesome!!! I am glad I am hearing good comments, I really thought it wasnt that well, thank you for your opinions, and,,, hmmm I will try to fix that header by changing the theme, because actually I just see it fine, it is not overlapping for me in IE or mozilla, so that will be the best thing to do, thanks.
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        Hello Warriors again, so I modified my site and I even added another post, please tell me what you think.
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