Managing Projects? What do YOU use?

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What do you use to juggle and manage your projects, and freelancers? I have asked this in the past, and am always on the lookout for effective tools.

I have used BaseCamp, and have tested just about every other solution out there. I am curious to know what other warrior's may be using to help keep projects in order and on a set calendar?

Depending on the project I sometimes use a PM tool, or a simple system I have put in place which consists of formatted word documents that I update regularly and keep in a binder.

Seems like some of the PM tools out there make more work than they are worth, while others add to productivity.

All of this end 2008 with a bang, tie up loose ends, and 2009 goal talk has got me thinking productively.

What do you use?
Do you use anything at all?
What is your system or process?
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