iDevAffiliate VS. UltraCart Built In Affiliate Module

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I'd like your opinion if your experienced in setting up and running affiliate programs...

I have a membership site running WishList script. I'm considering iDevAffiliate. The shopping cart I have also has a built in affiliate module. However, I hate to be dependent on one shopping cart for my affiliates. That is why I'm considering iDevAffiliate.

My concern is that iDevAffiliate wouldn't accurately track canceled payments (as we run a free trial, and a good 1/4 cancel during the trial). I don't want to be paying affiliates on canceled trials.

If you have experience with iDevAffiliate, would you use it in this situation? Or the built in UltraCart affiliate module? Or something else entirely?

Your thoughts?

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    Originally Posted by laurenswuyts View Post

    I wouldn't use it, because you are paying for people that cancelled. Try to find something else.
    Do you even know what the OP is talking about?

    It's simple, iDev allows you to set commissions on auto or manual approve before they get credited to the affiliate. I'm not sure if it would seamlessly integrate with wishlist cancelations out of the box, but I'm pretty sure it can handle it - just ask either WL about the iDev plugin function or iDev directly.

    Their support is amazing, I asked for a specific integration last week and after looking into it, they decided to include it as part of the iDev 7 update they are planning to release within the next 90 days.

    My experience with them has been great so far.
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    ignore the reply above me from laurenswuyts, they obviously didn't read your OP or have no idea what they are talking about.

    Does the built-in option automatically track cancellations and stuff?

    While you might not like it, using the built in option might be your best bet. We tried 4 different affiliate platforms out after going back to the built-in version and modifying the code a bit for it. Works better than any others because the system is built to handle it.
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