Guys I need your help with my site ---> Tell me what you think

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Ok after some time off in the IM world I decided to dive back into it. This time as an affiliate marketer.

Here is my site:

Tell me what you think. Just be straight up with me and let me know what I can do to improve the site.

I plan on putting up a squeeze page quick to build my own list.

Thanks for your help!
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    Hmm...for a "review" site, it sure seems to be pimping the book...

    If you want to make it look more realistic, add at least one thing you didn't like about the book.

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      Find some testimonials from previous buyers and add them, adds a bit more social proof.
      edited due to fumble fingers.

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      Erica -

      Thanks I need to tone down the review so to speak and really be straight forward.

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    -You should tone down on the sell, it doesn't seem like much of a legit review.
    -Include a couple negative points that are of little to no consequence
    -There is a huge section in the middle of your review without any links out to the product. I would change this, however I think the review is a bit long anyways. You might think about a shorter review that gets the viewer moving towards the product site quicker.
    -Your navbar on the left could be a little better explained. It's difficult to tell which are products, which links are internal, etc. Clarify what each link is better.
    -I would suggest any link that does not send your visitor to a sale page where you could make $ open as a new tab/window.
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