Shoestring, Grassroots, No Money...

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Lets see...
  1. Great product/service...check!
  2. Website created...check!
  3. Target audience/demographics...check! (video gamers)
  4. Blogs...check
  5. Free Videos Posted...check
  6. Marketing...

No money, and I mean NADA ZIP ZILCH

:confused: Email spam with opt out? (cringe myself)

:confused: Controversial demonstration/email for news media?

What are some QUALITY ideas for marketing a new product with ZERO monies. A true grassroots/shoestring to get the ball rolling?

Any and All ideas needed!!!
#grassroots #money #shoestring
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    Article Marketing, Social Sites, Video Sites(Youtube, MetaCafe, Yahoo Video). Just a few suggestions to start with.
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    Investigate article marketing / bum marketing.
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      Get traffic with:

      * Bum marketing -- at least one article a day

      * Forum marketing -- contribute in forums in your niche

      * Guest blog: post comments on others' blogs first, so they know who you are, then offer to write guest posts. ALL bloggers want content. :-)

      That should keep you busy, and bring you traffic and sales.


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        In a video game market I would really push social bookmarking, social sites such as myspace, and video sites.


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