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Hi all.

For those who don't know me, I'm Mubarak Waseem. Long story short, I'm broke, and I'm going it alone. I've got a product about the recession , and Im hoping to get it live around Christmas, as I feel people will be pressed for cash after splashing out over the festive perios. Ive created a dummy header for the web page and I wondered if you guys could review it for me. The BMP is attatched. Also, I will submit the pdf for review tomorrow hopefully, and I'm looking forward to the responses to that.

I've attatched the bitmap, you should click open with, the window picture viewer. You can also download it here:

Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

Any feedback is great. Thanks

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    It looks good so far. But I don't like the text it is too hard to read.
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      I think its great. I would leave it and make sure you sale page is hot! Let us know when you get done with your sale page and I will review it.
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    Your header is great.

    However, focus on the words, rather than images.

    You need to create a sales page, and supporting pages, and ask for comments on those.

    Or, if you're stuck and don't know what to write, ASK people what they want from a product like yours -- what benefits they want -- and use their ideas.

    I wish you much success.


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      thanks a lot you guys!

      Basically, its a product with clear sections:

      What is a recession
      Are we in one
      Are you afriad
      How does it affect you
      What you can do
      What your business can do
      Benefits of a recession.

      At the moments its about 25 pages. Any idea on the retail price?
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    The logo looks good. I only had one problem. I had to look a little closer to read the "Recession Handbook 101" text. It seems that the background is a little dark and the words were a bit hard to distinguish.

    Good design, though. Good luck!
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      thanks. downloading the design may make it easier to see.

      The content will hopefully be here by 10.30 GMT. the sales copy probably not until tomorrow or Friday. If anyone has any suggestions please tell me. Also, what is the standard font and layout for sales pages?
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        also what is the standard size and font for eBooks. And what does anyone think of PLR. As in, buying PLR and then making an eBook. Just something I might do as a free giveaway.
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          Hi Mubarek,

          At the moments its about 25 pages. Any idea on the retail price?
          One school of thought is to price low ($5 - 8) and then plan on having a higher priced backend product that complements the lower-priced product.

          You can also use it as a foundation for a line of related products. Think about how you want to use it to build your business, rather than just a one-shot deal.

          Even if you offer it for free, you can use it as a great list-builder - but have a plan about what else of value you will be offering your list members so that they will want to stay with you.

          Best of luck,

          - Kat

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            Thanks Kat. I guess I could offer them the product for free and then do the classic:

            Wait! Before you go, I have a special offer for you!

            Maybe I coul offer like 50 master reslae rights and plr products there.

            Does anyone have any tips on that? Im a serious Newbie
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              Sorry to be a nitpicker - you've made a typo with definative - should be definitive
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    I like the design. Good luck to you !
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    oh yeah! whoops

    Anyway, the eBook will be availiable for proof-reading and (fingers crossed) testimonials within the next couple of hours!!

    Im so excited this is my first big thing and I hope it goes well!
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        ok. The content is almost done. Just making the final touches. Does anyone want to give me a testimonial?

        I would realy appriciate it if you could give me a testimonial with a pic or something along those lines. If its not good enough for an honest testimonial, please suggest improvement. Hopefully I wont be a newbie for long!!
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