I Have just Updated My Blog: Please Warriors help criticize....

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Hello guys, i just updated a template on my blog. I want your honest critique, i did it once but dont really like it.

What do you think of this?

Any comment will be appreciated..

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    I don't know what your blog looked like before the change but it looks pretty good now. A few images are out of line for me but other then that pretty solid blog.
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    Looks good. Test it out for a week or two and drive targeted traffic to the page and examine what people are clicking on. You have a lot of stuff going on to monetize the blog and it may or may not be too busy. Testing will tell.
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    Hey Soladollar,

    My opinion is that there is a lot of things going on at once there, my initial impression was - "ooh that's a bit cluttered". I think there are too many things pulling for the readers attention.

    There is text saying "FEED" in large black font top left which doesn't seem to do anything. Also there is a typo with the red 'reccent comments'

    If you want my honest feed back I think you should de-clutter a bit. Decide on one or two related things to promote. I see you are using Blogger, so it's not costing you anything - why not split into 4-5 blogs dealing with related products?

    Hope this helps,

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    Thanks guys for the replies and the critique,

    Pardon my asking this question, what did you see at the base of the blog, adsense or a shout out box...
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    Hello guys, please say something about it, i have received messages concerning the shoutbox, but when i check i don't seem to find anything amiss, plz check it out and tell me of your findings...

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      Here are my thoughts....

      I think you have to many ads.
      Your archives and the two links underneath it should be lower.
      Your recent posts should be higher.
      You have two search boxes....you only need one.

      Good luck with your blog! I know the amount of work put into them is a lot.

      Also...your signature here should be "info", not "infos". Better yet, spell out the whole word, information.
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  • The thing that first struck me about this blog is that I couldn't find where you were advertising your RSS feed. If this is a blog to get readers (as opposed to just SE traffic) then that should be very prominently displayed above the scroll using a nice clear, easily recognisable RSS button.

    Also, you have 5 125x125 ads which looks odd and is wasted real estate - make it an even number. You could just an affiliate banner there to fill the spot if you are lacking a real advertiser.

    I'd also say you have a lot of unnecessary widgets in your sidebar, such as the live traffic feed - that provides nothing of valid to your readers, does nothing for SEO, does nothing to make you money. All it does is distract your visitors from carrying out your wanted actions - ditch it :-)

    Other than those points, looks good - nice and clean layout.


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    Thanks everyone for the assesment,

    To Joanne Greco and cmiddlebrook, everything has been duly noted, will work on them..

    About the widget, What do you guys think should i delete the FEEDJIT or allow it on the blog With respect to what cmiddlebrook said.

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    I think your blog is too cluttered. The sidebar has too many banners which make the blog confusing to be read.

    Personally, I feel blog should be clean and easy to be read.

    At the moment, I am reading Steven's blog which you can view here
    => Steve Wagenheim’s Home Business Blog

    In addition, I can see that your blog is still young and perhaps it is too early to monetise it.

    There are tons of make money online blogs and it is good to ask yourself how unique is your blog.

    Be clear of your blog's purpose and move along that line.

    My 2 cents as a blogger myself and hope it helps.

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