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Howdy folks! I just want to say THANK YOU! IM has been especially unkind to me. Some of you may know that feeling.. when you log into your clickbank account and see $0.00.. I saw that so many times... it's not even funny!

Many times I've thought about quitting. Many a time I have doubted myself and questioned my decision to pursue Internet Marketing as a career. In fact I abandoned the particular site in question as I felt that I'd done it all wrong. And now, I got a sale! Wow, you can't describe how this feels in any sales letter... it's one thing to promise thousands but that first $1 is something.

Ladies and gentlemen, many a time I even wondered if this was all a pipe dream. However, lady luck reckons I've suffered enough and I'VE MADE MY FIRST SALE!!! Yay!

So I'd like to thank everyone in the WF for their constant support, advice and patience. I've started quite a few annoying threads asking for obvious stuff (sorry!) but I now understand one thing. If you want something bad enough, you'll get it.

SIDENOTE: since I figured luck was on my side, I've JUST popped into amazon associates as I have a fragrance blog that has amazon links in it... and guess what??? I'VE MADE MY FIRST SALES THERE TOO. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! sorry guys im over the moon!!! YES YES YES YES!!!

To all you newbies who have yet to taste success.. DO SOMETHING. Make a website, stick some affiliate links, do some SEO, do your keyword research. Just something to get you started. Without something for someone to buy, you can't really make money..

And if you are considering IM after reading my post.. it's a lot to learn. I've known about IM and half heartedly dabbled in it for about 2 years. I've seriously done it for about 5 months now. I realize that it's not for everyone and if luck isn't on your side, it can be especially hard on you. For most of us, this journey begins with heartbreak, self doubt, frustration and confusion! But please stick with it.. that first sale is really worth it!!
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    Well done!

    'If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint," then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.' Vincent Van Gogh.
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    Well done!

    Feels great doesn't it? I remember my first sale too - £3,29 & it felt better than making £200

    Hope there are many more to come for you

    We are the universe contemplating itself - Carl Sagan

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      Thats great! I remember my first sale a few years ago. Looking at that clickbank screen and seeing something other than a load of $0.00's was amazing. It was the day i realized that i actually COULD make money online and since then i have had numerous checks well into the $100's!

      My friends were convinced that you couldn't make money online and it was just something you could do from scams and such, how jealous they are of me now!

      2 nuts walked into a bar, 1 was assaulted! :p

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        Congrats. Now just Scale UP.

        best of luck,
        Some people make stuff happen, Some people watch stuff happen, Some people ask, "What Happened?"
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    Congratulations ... i know that feeling of seeing $0.00 daily.. now i am not looking into that anymore ...
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    Well done. Now go rinse and repeat.

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    Congratulations! I am so excited for you!
    I hope you make many more sales! I'll cross my fingers and toes for you
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    Congrats m8!! The ice is broken, first sale online is always a great accomplishment and relief to the fact that yes, it is all possible
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    Right on!
    I'm working on making some sales with my website so I know the feeling :p
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    Well done! You will always remember your first sale, and its always a great feeling.

    "$100 On eBay with just 10 Minutes Work! {120+ copies SOLD}"

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    I reacted the same way, so I know the feeling, and it is VERY encouraging when you see that the process works, and like others told me....I TOOK ACTION!

    When you take action, you get results.

    Well done and Congratulations - your name will come to fruition in no time!

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    Congratulations. I still remember my first sale. It's a great feeling. Now imagine how good it'll feel when you're raking in a hundred or more a day. Keep at it!
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    Well done ! It's a great feeling isn't it. Just keep at it and you should get many more - I'm sure you're forging ahead with renewed determination

    Best of luck!
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      congrats on your first sale
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    A+ buddy! Great news!!
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    That's awesome! I remember the first sale for my first clickbank site. It was such a relief to know that "something" actually worked.


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    Woo hoo great job, and good advice!
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    Congratulations - yes it is the most marvellous feeling you feel like you have won a million dollar lottery and my first was $2.70. Just keep going and do it again.
    I am still waiting for more to happen but your thread has given me more belief.

    Go for it.
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    Congratulations man.
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    Awesome. Well done.

    I am sure many people reading this thread know the...

    Day 1: $0.00
    Day 2: $0.00
    Day 3: $0.00

    ... scenario well.

    When you see the first $10.28, $21.86, $66.50 sales, at first you think a mistake has been made.

    Then you realise... this IM stuff actually works after all.

    Cool ;-)

    Congratulate yourself. Pat yourself on the back.

    Then get back to work ( I say that in the nicest way I can ).

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    Congrats to you! Keep it up.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    Nice job! Now that you have had a little success you are on your way to more success. Keep up the good work and focus on the things that work.
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    Keep at it!

    The commission you earned from your first sale could get eaten up by fees if it takes a long time for you to make another sale, so make sure that you keep making sales as often as possible.
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    Congratulations! I love reading threads like this!

    Onward and upward!
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    Yea great job,
    I'm guessing you went through Mark Lings course right..?
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    I too just made sale from Amazon....funny thing is that I just set up the site and haven't even done any backlinking to it and the post that the sale came through was only 1 day old.
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    Nice work. I remember my first sale fondly. Whoever bought that ugly Mitsubishi keyring via an ad on my piece written about pizza dough I thank you!
    There's plenty of other great firsts awaiting - 1st $10 day, reaching the next commission threshold for the first time, 1st $100 month, 1st million dollar year...
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    Congrats dude!! I can understand that you'd be over the moon, I remember I was the first time I made a sale.

    It's super exciting because it's proof that this stuff WORKS.
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    Keep it up and get even more sales. It can become addicting.
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  • Wow, the response to this thread has been overwhelming. Thank you all very much for your kind words! I am already working on increasing that $68!!

    To everyones success,

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    Congratulations :-) The hard work is well worth it - just takes time. Keep up the good work and have fun with it!

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    Well done mate, Good job! Best of luck in future
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    Congratulations ..............

    I remember .. When i was a newbie marketer .. after working for 3 months . day and nights .

    I made my first sale of $17 ...

    Its feels like the future is coming near you ..

    And you are drawing it with your own hands ..

    It feels amazing ..

    Best of luck for you .......
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      Hey Congratulations on the first!!! I made my first sale last month and remember the feeling well. Way to go, and keep up the good work!!
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    Congrats, remember the feeling myself Priceless!
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    Great post and well done on your first sale! I remember that feeling really well, when all the doubts fade away and you get that fire in your belly. Now it's time for you to repeat and refine, repeat and refine...

    Here is to more sales flowing your way

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    big pat on the back.

    But you do have one person to thank..that is YOU.

    Yes you were the one to get off your butt and take some good old fashion ACTION.

    ACTIONS breed results as they do say Congrats.
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    Just remember, every journey begins with a single step.
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