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Hi there,

I have been lying awake at nights trying to figure out a solution to my current problem. I run a web development service for media agencies who wan to expand into the web market but can't afford to hire extra staff. I am a one man shop with a partner in India who runs a team of three developers.

My problem is this. I have alot of projects that have lagged final payment - due to the projects not being launched/finished. I need to meet a certain quota of sales each month to cover my costs. It has got to the point where I am not confident to take on new projects as my team is getting quite overloaded with support requests and these lagging projects.

I know my situation is not unique at all. Can any of you that have faced similar issues enlighten me on how I should proceed?
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    Hi There;

    It is a dilemma but I do think it's very reasonable to ask for a deposit or percentage up front. Freelancer does this, as certain milestones are reached, money is paid.

    As a professional providing real services, I would think they would have no problem with this type of arrangement.....hopefully others have other solutions for you.

    Good Luck!
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    Don't overload the team with work. If they can't finish one project, don't give them a new one..and then when they don't finish that continue to hand them more projects, that's madness!

    Either build a bigger team or build a better team, or learn how to be a developer yourself.
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    Don't spend it if you do not have it.

    As somebody mentioned above do not do any work for somebody who will not pay you 20% or so upfront.
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      All of my projects have been based on a 30 percent deposit with the larger ones working to milestone agreements. Still I have this issue where things are stacked up and I cant seem to get out.
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        Either build a bigger team or build a better team, or learn how to be a developer yourself.
        This was always my plan but with the current financial situation I cant afford to take on more workers.

        I feel stuck up a sh*t creek without a paddle!
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  • it is obvious that you should not burden your team member unless you finish other projects. you should talk to companies and tell them your current situation. convince them and ask for some money.

    do not mess up having a lot of works.
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