Using Elegantthemes' DailyNotes for a Local-Ads website

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Hey Warriors,

What's your opinion of using the following theme (LINK) for a local-advertisement website?

My idea was to let restaurants etc. fill the tumblr images with their logo/photo's, then redirect that to a page describing their business.

The difficulty is in SEO, but perhaps if these pages are filled properly it would be doable.

I intend to charge premium prices, but I would like to automate the process as well. Is there any way I can use this tumblr template in combination with an automated (paypal orso) ad-plugin? (I guess not in combination with the pages)

Very eager to hear your opinion!

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    i don't think that any of the elegant themes would fit this type of format, maybe you can try templatemonster?
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      Perhaps not, but I think it can be done. I'd like a website were there's a secondary page with a HTML-table that displays Ads.

      If that 'secondary' page can be on the homepage with the ads functioning as 'snippets' of the entire page behind it, that's even better. Especially if it doesn't penalize the SEO rankings.

      I'll look into templatemonster, although I have seen almost all template websites out there. I'm mostly looking for something similar to this amazing design at

      Thanks for your comment.

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