Bad health news today - desperately need best money making ideas

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Sorry for the dramatic title, my brain is just swimming. My husband and I got really bad news today. His cancer which we thought was in remission is aggessively growing in his lungs, ribs and spine. It's beyond terrible to think about the direction this may go and I may lose my life partner (34 years married). But I am in panic mode thinking of how to go on.

We have adopted 8 kids who are all still at home. I need to get a real focus on how to start my internet marketing business growing and headed towards autopilot.

I am not a newbie but definitely suffer from jumping from one thing to another. I try something and if it doesn't produce results fast enough, I try something else.

Our financial situation is dire, and I'm not looking for pity, just ideas that are no to low cost.

I have several blogs that I promote affiliate products on but get very little traffic to. I am trying to build lists on those sites also, but the results are extremely slow.

So now I'm thinking, do I try more article marketing, buying backlinking packages, blog commenting, facebook marketing, or?...

If you have some advice or tips of what your best shot would be to build a long-term autopilot business in as quick a way as possible, let me have it.

Again, sorry if I rambled. I'm probably not thinking as clearly as I could be right now.
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    As you said, it takes quite a while for internet marketing efforts to start producing auto pilot income. And judging from your post, I am guessing you don't have much experience in paid advertising.

    I think your best solution is to get an offline job (or work more hours if you already have a job). You could look at paid advertising. But, there is a good chance that can lead to a loss if you don't know what you're doing..

    Sorry to hear about your painful situation.

    I wish you best of luck
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      I agree 100% with Dash Evra's reply above. The time you have with your partner is precious. The time needed to gain traction and earn a decent salary with internet marketing can often be long. I would take a closer look at your options and re-evaluate how you want to spend your time. Try to keep a positive outlook and never give up hope. I wish you both luck and the strength to find peace with whatever life throws your way.

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    You will need to focus on one thing long enough to make it work and make money from it. Study the best technique and plow through and get the results.

    Are your blogs in niches that you can make some money in with relatively low competition? Did you do your keyword research correctly and onsite SEO?

    Backlinking is a must and there are great services available here on the WF. You can also get articles written and then create videos from them also, more bang for your buck. Also .EDU and .GOV backlinks are great to help your rankings. Look in the Warriors for hire and get some help or just some ideas of things that you can do for yourself if you can't afford to hire it out.

    Best of luck and may God bless you and your family at this time.
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      Thanks for the replies and well wishes. Unfortunately working outside the home is not feasible or practical for me right now for a number of reasons. 8 little reasons to start with!

      I have done extensive keyword research and I think my seo on site is pretty good. My main niche is very competitive but is also evergreen and has a lot of demand. Unfortunately I'm not ranking very well for any of the keywords I'm trying to target.

      I seems like lately I've been reading a lot about the best way to promote is changing. Say from article marketing to facebook marketing. What do you guys think is the best means of promoting these days?
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      Originally Posted by NateC View Post

      Look in the Warriors for hire and get some help or just some ideas of things that you can do for yourself if you can't afford to hire it out.

      Great little tidbit there. Something I never thought of doing myself. Go where others are looking for work to see what they think may need doing that I'm not already doing.
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        I appreciate everyone's input. My mind is kind of divided right now. I'm working on trying to develop a natural treatment plan to fight my husband's cancer. Either as a supplement to what the docs have or to build his immune system, just to do whatever we can.

        I will be giving some thoughts to your ideas..
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          Dear oregonal,

          I hope you the best. You should try alternative therapies for your husband. I'll PM you once I have enough posts.

          PS I agree with KenThompson.
          Tips on closing with cold calls:
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          Hope that helps.

          Mind-blowing intelligent writing services!

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    Originally Posted by oregongal View Post

    If you have some advice or tips of what your best shot would be to build a long-term autopilot business in as quick a way as possible, let me have it.
    You could try going to For Hire & JV sections of this forum and look what
    may be viable for you at this moment.
    Also, checking into Fiverr. For what you just described you're capable of
    making some money there to alleviate your expenses.
    Here's a link from a Warrior describing how he made some money at Fiver:
    I wish you the the very best,
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      With my own 30 year anniversary coming up later this year, I can't even imagine how you're feeling right now. My sympathy and well wishes are with you both...

      That said, as others have pointed out, setting up a business and getting it to more or less run itself takes time and effort you don't sound like you have.

      With the responsibility riding on you, I think you need to put at least some of your focus on generating the income you need to keep going. That may involve some time learning a saleable skill, one which will bring the income you need. Maybe some form of programming, so you could hack blog themes or customize simple scripts. Or hone your sales skills generating leads for local businesses. Even writing at a level high enough to earn a living while you build a business.

      I wish you and your husband the best possible outcome...
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        Your situation is unfortuante and I wish you all the best of luck.

        You definately need to take a look on Pat Flynns website - tons of free info. He's open and honest too. He even answers to emails if you really need it..

        That said I know Pat still makes 300-400$ per month from submitting articles to revenue sharing sites such as ehow, hubpages and infobarrel. To get that he write's ~150 articles in a month. Depending on the topic you chose writing 2-4 500 word ish articles per day wouldn't take that much time. The key would be to base them on keywords and do some basic SEO on them (you sound like you can probably do this bit easily).

        I'd say that would be your easiest way, since ehow, hubpages and infobarrel all have high ranking domains to begin with so makes your life easier.

        If pat can do it then I'm sure you can too. Best of luck. Let me know how you get on if you go this route.
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        I'm really sorry to hear about your situation.

        If you have things in your house you don't need or can afford to sell, post them up on eBay in exchange for some quick cash.

        How about selling some of your sites, domains, squidoo lenses or hubpages?
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    Hello Diane,

    Here is a thread started by Paul Myers:

    Don't worry about lack of focus, I wouldn't. I know the feeling of being
    pinned to the wall and needing to produce results. You will do it simply
    because of your children.

    You can check out Paul's thread. But if I were you, and had 8 children and
    a sick spouse, then I would abandon all caution to the wind - here is what
    I would do.

    You know some things about IM? Making blogs, writing content, making websites,
    some SEO for on page, where to find backlinking packages, etc??

    1. Grab a phone book and start calling local businesses. If that intimidates you,
    then think of why you need to do it.

    I did cold calling many years ago, and it's hard in the beginning - for me it was. But
    after about ten calls it was a breeze.

    2. You might have to call 100 businesses to get a close, in the beginning. But it
    does not matter. After you close one, you will be more confident and people will
    notice that.

    3. Do not explain your situation, do not sound desperate - confident and determined.
    If you have some IM skills, then you can confidently do them for others just like you
    can for your self.

    If you have to, get pissed off, pick up the phone and start calliing. Just keep doing
    that until something happens, and if you do it enough something will happen.

    4. Write down all your skills, make a price list, if necessary write out a little dialogue
    but keep it short.

    Be willing to negotiate, at least in the beginning; be professional.

    You can do this - I have no doubt in my mind.

    So go do it and come back and let us know about it..

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      oregongal: I am of course very sorry to hear about the health problem with your husband and the precarious situation in which you may find yourself eventually.
      I do not think though that any online activity is the answer, because you need concentration and dedication and no interruption for a reasonable amount of time and I don't believe it is possible to reach that, if you want to follow the children properly and be able to answer to them when they talk to you for example (which averagely 1 time an hour times eight makes...) or attend to them, make them play etc.
      If I was you I would go into some offline activity related to children, needed in your community: organizing parties, selling cakes, selling jams, making sauces for the mothers that have little time and they are too tired to cook etc.
      Can the adoption agency do something about it or do they just care for the welfare of the children on the day that they assign them to the family?
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