Best email marketing system, which doesnt use double opt in?

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I recently purchased a website/business. The purchase naturally includes a large mailing list which was created by perfectly honest means and everyone on the list double opted in. I am currently on aweber. For me to import all of these emails, I basically have to have them double opt in AGAIN. No matter what, I am going to lose legitimate customers this way.

Which email system, which would allow me to import all of these emails, without another double opt in, do you consider the best? :confused:
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    In most of these autoresponders, including Aweber, you have the option to turn off the double opt-in. Sometimes it's known as the comfirmation button. In Aweber, you switch it to "off".
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      A possible option is iContact who will let you import a
      confirmed opt-in list within requiring them to confirm
      again: (no affil.)

      However, if you can prove to AWeber that your list is
      a genuine confirmed opt-in list then they may let you
      import your list without re-confrimation. You'll need a
      fully live and traceable audit path for each subscriber

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        I have read here previously that you can import a genuinely ethically obtained mailing list into Aweber. Try contacting their customer service and explain the situation.

        I had an account a few years ago with Constant Contact and they had a feature where I could import email addresses myself. I have no idea whether this is still the case.
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    i think you should try for facebook or icontact it will allow you to import your previous contacts.
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