(Updated) Does my website look okay to you? (Please help)

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Hello warriors,

I am working on my website and I was wondering if the images on my website look okay to you.

I am reffering to the images in the portfolio. I saved them in lower resolution as to save loading time and I want to know if they look okay to you.

Thank you.

The website is Web Style Creator

Regards, Marian


Ok guys...thanks to your suggestions I made some improvements to the site:

"The spaces between some words under the buttons labeled "graphics," "video" and "custom work" are too wide." - Problem Fixed!

"Looks good man. One thing I did notice is that you misspelled portfolio as "portofolio" " - Problem Fixed

"The logo is the least attractive thing on your site, to many elements, to small and hard to see..." - I will have a new logo to the site in a day or two

However, your HOME button looks broken in Chrome. It looks fine in Firefox. - Problem Fixed

Any other mistakes that you can see guys so I can fix them? Thank You very much for helping me.
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