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Do you post your articles and 2 or 3 places or do you not do this due to duplicate content issues?

Also - is there any recommend article sites besides ezine articles - not crap ones - good ones.

There doesn't seem to be any that compare.
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    I'm not sure about this. I've heard it's an alternative to post articles as well.

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      do a google on "article directory"

      the ones that pop out near the top are the ones that will do your article the most good.
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          Ezinearticles is still the way to go. And I only post there. I just don't think any other site comes close to getting the same results as EA.

          But maybe other people have more luck than I ever have...

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            I think GoArticles and Buzzle are worth checking out. Whenever I'm looking for information on something, those two sites often pop up on the first page of search results. Not as much as EZineArticles, but enough to possibly make submitting to them worthwhile.
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            For some of my articles, EzineArticles.com continues to send traffic months after the article was submitted. I've just started with Buzzle.com recently and they are also sending in some traffic too. I'm talking about what I see in my cPanel stats; how many views my articles gets on the directory itself won't help my sites... clickthrus matter.
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    I firmly believe there is a method to doing the ezine thing. Finding the right ezines that match your opportunity/product/service is a must. Things like subscribing to that Ezine and trying to contact the publisher are all important. Building a rapport with the readership will often increase efficacy of your ads. This means advertising in the same ezine a number of times. Charlie Page's directory does a good job as does ezinearticles.com and I'm keen to look at buzzle.com too.

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      Don't forget to add your articles to HubPages. Many of my articles come up at Google in a high position, via HubPages only.
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        Hi Easy Cash,

        I also suggest several directories, all they have PR 6. Isnare.com has a distributing service, for $2.00 they post your article to many other directories for your best appearance.

        - isnare.com
        - goarticles.com
        - ezineplug.com
        - articlebiz.com
        - articlecity.com
        - articledashboard.com

        Hope it helps.


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            I have over 200 Listed on my blog

            which include about 50-60 Niche Article Sites.

            These include the Top 50

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