Should you spin press releases? What is your press release strategy?

by droog
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I'm just starting with press releases, some people spin them, some don't.

Do you? Why or why not?

I thought people did not spin them for two reasons:

1. I thought all press releases sites were high quality and required human approval.
2. A lot of news sites post the same content.

...but it looks like there are a lot of lower quality/auto approval PR sites, too.

So what's your press release strategy? Do you focus on low quality auto approval sites or high quality paid ones? Any free or paid ones that have given you particularly good results?
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    A standout amongst the most popular marketing tools these days is the business press discharge. At the point when composing a successful press release, there are rules and strategies that must be taken after.

    Upgrading your press discharge will advantage your business the most ideal route conceivable by generating traffic to your website. Traffic contributes a ton to the accomplishment of an organization's website.

    Remember that delightfully outlined sites won't create traffic if press release composed for them are not improved for SEO. SEO optimization will make your press release more noticeable to your focused audience.

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    depends what you are trying to promote and if it's ideally news worthy. if just looking to seo a site, then nothing wrong with a shitty spun press release targeting the lower quality shitty sites. i've done them before through automated software and when i couldn't afford much 10 years ago and just testing the waters. i switched my mentality soon after and started hiring a broker for guaranteed submission and hoping to be picked up by other media. the reason being is that as an seo benefit, it gave very little when combined with my other seo efforts.

    a good press release should NEVER be spun. words have meaning and should have something to convey. once you start playing with words because you don't want duplicate content, the words lose it's meaning and what you want to convey. with a good press release, the spurt in traffic is what you are ultimately want to go after....not the seo benefits.....and a good press release will be picked up by more news media.
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