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Run live interactive tests in any browser.

This tool I found is great for checking out how your website will look in any browser.
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    Hey, Matt, thanks for the tip!
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    found this out on another forum and thought it would be great to check my local clients websites
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      Pretty cool, but as always if you need reliable reproductions of what you are doing, the only way to achieve them is by running true software yourself. I use Parallels on Mac, VMware and Windows Virtual PC on the PC.

      Note - Granted, I am a quality analyst that works for a number of fortune 500s during my day gig. You probably will not need the anal level of quality assurance that they do :]
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    Thanks for the tip Matt. It never hurts to add to the toolkit.
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    I saw a few posts in the forum that had people asking if they could have someone view their site for them. I never knew that their were so many browser platforms.
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    Hi Matt, I use this site too.
    It is good to have this site to check browser compatibility.
    However, the queue time is rather long nowadays.
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