What do you think of Web Banner Design Service?

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Hi Ladies and Gents.

I'm looking at another business model and I just like to know some input from my fellow warrior members. I'm thinking of building a site that only focus on web banner creation (gif animated only).

Here are some of the questions I like to know:
  • Tell me your experience using web banners services.
  • Do you buy a package deal?
  • Do you use it for your own site to promote other products?
  • Did it create a large amount of traffic by using web banners?
  • Do you prefer Gif Animated or Flash?
  • How much would you like to pay for a Web banner and tell me the size (there's 18 standard banner sizes)
  • What is the expected time for completion of your Web banner?
  • Do you like your Web banner simple effective or out there unique?

My last question is what other design services you use apart from web banner design?

I much appreciate your time if you can give me some deep thoughts.
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