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I have some questions about site style and design. When building out authority sites as apposed to mini affiliate sites, should I put up a landing page as the main domain that people can then delve further into the site with a blog on a sub domain, or a video pages off another sub domain? Or, would it be better to put up a blog in the main domain and just have just different categorizes for the different areas? Is there an SEO difference? Does a landing page convert better if you were to put a headline product on that to be sold, and just allow people to click through if they want more information?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    For some sites it is more logical to have a site index arranged alphabetically. Use a site index where your audience is likely to know what they are looking for and you have clear and well known titles for your contents. Provide in-page alphabet menu (a through to z) so that people can jump to items starting with a particular letter. In a site index you can also include synonyms to cross reference the actual titles you are using with those that are also likely to be searched for.
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      Thanks for the help.
      I probably will go with a landing page. I am pretty new at this and I think I can do multiple word press installs within different sub domains using Fantastico and use it to put a landing page on the main domain.
      Is it possible?
      I was thinking about using Optimize Press for the landing page.
      Is it worth the money?
      I am not a programmer, so I'm looking at something relatively easy to use, but still looks professional.

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    Yes, you can install multiple WP in your hosting. You can link to your multiple WP via 2 different approaches:

    1. sub-domain like you said.

    2. sub directory

    I heard (no personal experience), #1 is good for unrelated content, since they are separated by sub-domain (not much juice pass through, which is not needed anyway)

    #2, is good for related conent since the main domain juice will be passed to the subdirectories.

    Anybody here, correct me if I am wrong.
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