Is there a way to cloak my affilate link from the sales pages address bar?

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Im using the common php cloak on my website which is working fine but when people reach the sales page you cant help but see the god awful longtailed affiliate link in the address bar.

I know the answer is probably no but it would be awesome if someone shocked me with a way to make the link in the address bar on the salepage masked so it just looks like www(dot)salespage(dot)com which would look much more credibal.

If there is a way i would love to know.
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    A simple way is to buy a $1.99 .info and then forward that domain with masking to your target site. Best Regards Allen
    • Forward with Masking -- Prevents the forwarded domain name URL from displaying in the browser's address bar, and lets you enter Meta Tags for search engine crawlers in the following fields:
      • Title -- Displays at the top of the browser window and in search results.
      • Description -- A short description of your website to display in search engine results.
      • Keyword -- A list of comma-separated keywords that describes the content and purpose of your website.

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    I've been looking at the plugins but i can already cloak the link asfar as the sales page but then the sales page address bar screams my affiliate link.

    I dont understand allenjohn which is my fault because im not a coder i just use wordpress which is easy to learn and for php and html everything i use is just copy and pasted and uploaded to my site.

    If there is a php script someone could share that means that once people reach the sales page i am credided for the referal but my affiliate link isnt in the address bar then that would be great.

    Or if there is a plugin that someone can confirm definatly does this then i will buy it.
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    allenjohn is right, just buy a domain name and forward it to the affiliate link using the masking option.
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    Ok so say ive bought the domain.

    I have not redirected a domain before so should i search for a redirect and mask php script or something?

    Could someone please go into a little more detail about how to do the redirect or direct me to a tutorial.

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      You would not point the domain at your host or do anything with it. You would simply point it at the affiliate link from the registrar (Godaddy for example) and enable masking. Then from your existing site link to the new .info domain which will then take you to the offer with masking enabled.

      So in the top bar you will still have the .info domain, when it's actually gone to your affiliate link.
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    Great thanks guys ive just done it and its working perfectly.

    That looks much better
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  • You can also use HTML to create an iFrame, then load the affiliate link into the iFrame. The result is that your affiliate link appears to stay on your domain.
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      Originally Posted by Brad armPitt View Post

      You can also use HTML to create an iFrame, then load the affiliate link into the iFrame. The result is that your affiliate link appears to stay on your domain.
      iFrames can be deadly as they tend not to work as expected in all browsers. He also said he isn't a coder so wouldn't know how to's much easier to just buy a $2 domain!

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        This might only be an assumption, but it's possible some affiliate links will still show when the visitor finally arrives on the affiliate sales page. It seems to me that's what happened when I redirected one of my affiliate links using a simple script in a text file that I uploaded to my server. Maybe the method offered here is more efficient. But, I don't understand what the poster is describing. :confused:

        This is the script I use - entered into notepad and given .php extension:

        header('Location: your-affiliate-link-here');

        Just add your affiliate link where indicated and name the file something that makes sense. Upload it into a special folder on your domain, ie /recommends. Use this link (, for example) instead of your affiliate link. When people click that link, they'll go through the redirect to the affiliate page.

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          Hi silvia

          Yeah that was what i was already using but the trick these guys have just tought me for the price of a domain is worth its weight in gold i think.

          I can seriously see it converting alot better now.

          you just buy a domain at a registrar, i chose something as close to the product .com domain as i could and went for a .com so it looks more professional.

          Then at whichever registrar you registered at go to the url forwarding setting and redirect the url to your affiliate link, and select to mask it at the same time(very important) at my registrar masking is called "url frame".

          Then when you direct people to your affilate link through the domain you've just bought you get to the sales page and ive checked that my affiliate name is on the order page. But whatever the domain you bought was appears on the sales page so it looks genuine and thats why i bought a .com with the actual products website address in it and added a word. It looks like youve arrived at there original .com of there product.

          Hahaha im gonna be using this trick alot. And you can go one step further and put the domain you bought in a php cloak redirect so it says recommends or somthing like that. but when you get to the sales page it looks like youve reached the products original domain.

          Thanks again guys, something so simple but could make a big difference.
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