Social Media is not for everyone - Beware Newbies!

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Today everybody is talking about social media and even overhead that Google is including the social media thing in their algorithm. SO I do agree that Social Media is something that you require every now and then for your internet marketing career.

Who hasn't used "Tweets", "Likes" and "Views". All this terms are the courtesy of social media. People set their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, and many other social accounts and update their profile pages just to get may be backlinks and post one or two updates and forget it thinking now the juice will start flowing from social media once they connect it with and ping everything they have.

There are certain things to be taken care of when you want to be a social guru. Good for Offliners.

Here are some of them to avoid:

1. Feeding readers a steady stream of me-centered posts.

You are going to become "just the part of noise" if you continue send me-centered posts. You need to help the people out looking for the solution and you are HERO. Offer content targeted to certain specific audience by making it an engaging content coz this is the key. Offer your readers something they can use like tips, tricks, tools, advice, links, feedbacks, resources, case studies. You need to leverage your experience and create authority on the sharing platform. Respond. Retweet. Relationship is the key.

2. Opening an account to forget it.

You don't need to be one of those. If you need to forget it and then you don't need that account. Coz without leveraging your expertise you are not going far. You need to post updates or tweets regularly to maintain relationship with your friends or followers. You also need to update your profile regularly too sometimes.

3. Posting mudane boring content

You are not the only person doing online marketing or having online presence. If you are not creative and having a perfect fresh perspective, something original or breaking, your followers will find who you are.

4. Swearing - No Way

5. Too many talks and words

You will loose readers if you provide them with an essay of 20000 words every time you post. Choose the content carefully and include creativity, focus your audience in mind. Keep your posts short, sweet, and to the point. Offer value to your readers.

6. Expecting to be an overnight Chaplin

Building a social media following takes time and effort. Network and communication is the key. Schedule your time for socialization every day.

7. Taking your readers for granted.

Social Media is a community. Join a conversation, provide feedback, offer a solution. Above all, Interact!

8. Not all businesses work on social media.

Just because you think your business is the next big thing or you value yourself highly, does not mean you will necessarily gain a following. You need to know your product, target market and your audience. You need to check it out for yourself and give it a time.

9. Followers are not readers.

Gaining thousands of followers does not necessarily mean they all will be your readers. To transform your followers to readers, you need to build authority by great ROI.

Be engaging and interactive. Have Fun

Keep it simple silly.

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    Great post keyuria,

    I agree entirely. There aren't really any short cuts to do this effectively. The thread you've started here explains this brilliantly.


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    There are too many things to be done for newbies. First, get the site up and dump in tons of content will take weeks if not months. All else later, if not you'll die of exhaustion right in front of your PC screen. That's bad for online business.
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