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by N4PGW
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What happens when you rearrange and insert messages in an active autoresponder sequence?

I am building an autoresponder sequence that has 6 weeks of content. I need to move the first two weeks to the end and insert 4 weeks of content in the early parts.

Since there are active members in every step, what do they end up seeing? Will those who passed week 2 miss steps and get duplicate emails or will they start the sequence over?

Current Sequence:
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

New Sequence:
Week 1 - (new)
Week 2 - (new)
Week 3 - (Week 3)
Week 4 - (new)
Week 5 - (new)
Week 6 - (Week 4)
Week 7 - (Week 5)
Week 8 - (Week 6)
Week 9 - (Week 1)
Week 10 - (Week 2)
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    Sequences don't go back.
    The autoresponder only recognizes how many days after subscription. So if something is scheduled to be sent 5 days after subscription and a subscriber is two weeks into the subscription they will not see those items.

    Not sure what service you're using or what goodies they offer but to keep down confusion, I would create another list for the new sequence and allow new people to enter into this new list.

    For current subscribers I would send them the new weeks as a bonus. Explaining that you changed the sequence and wanted to keep them updated. You can always merge the lists later on after all original subscribers have completed the sequence


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    Hi - It may also pay to put the sequences into an ebook and offer that to all at the end of either sequence.... regards Allen

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