How not to be overwhelmed and confused in Warrior Forum?

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I recognize the value of forums. In fact, Warrior Forum, for example, has helped the careers of many internet entrepreneurs. But sometimes the many divergent views and opinions can overwhelm and confuse some particularly beginners.

Can you please give your advice on how to make the maximum use of forums without the headaches?

Thanks for sharing.

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    Rule 1 - Take everything said with a grain of salt. There is lots of gold in forums that is hidden under mountains of crap.

    Rule 2 - Watch things carefully and get a feel for who are the quality posters.

    Rule 3 - This is a BIG one, I wish I had been told this when I first started joining forums related to my business. Only visit forums with a purpose in mind and try to post as many helpful posts as you can. You don't want to just "browse" a forum or they will become a huge time waster and productivity killer. Remeber have a purpose everytime you visit.

    Don't be a may regret it down the line...Oh and beware of the herd...

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      Thanks so much Gorilla Writer and Mari_Quint for sharing your time and wisdom.

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    I remember those days. I thought my head was gong to explode due to information overload. What helped me was a getting mentor to help focus my efforts on one path.

    It helps to first find out what part of internet marketing interests you first before you search for a mentor though. Learn every thing you can on the topic by searching the forum, taking notes, and applying action.

    Hope this helps.
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    LOL. I also thought my head was going to explode when I first started in IM.

    There are many posts where someone experienced lays out a simple but complete outline or gameplan to start from scratch and build a business. My advice is to find posts like that, then identify the ONE that sounds like it interests you, and STICK WITH IT. Once you decide which direction you want to go, stay on that path. Most people get sidetracked so easily cause there seems to be so many "good ideas". Truth is, alot of them probably will work just fine. But NOT AT THE SAME TIME.

    Not that you can't have more than one project making money for you, but to try and START multiple projects at the same time is way too overwhelming for most.

    Hope this helps.
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      Another variable in the mix is probably what were you doing before you moved (part time/full time) into IM. For example, if you already have the technical background, you may find it easy to make sense of various pieces. On the flip side, you would need to adopt the IM mindset.

      If you already have a business and want to take advantage of IM to take it to next level, make more money or get more exposure (hence brand recognition and more money), the strategy would be different for you.

      Different strokes for different folks. Looking for business plans/blue prints is a good idea. No doubt about the massive information overload that WF can cause in a relatively short time.

      While we are on the topic is there a thread about Warriors' journey to success in IM? If not, would this be a good time to start that?
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        Take everything you read on forums with a grain of salt.

        Remember that 98% of it BS, learn to identify the garbage and tune it out.

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