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Here is exactly how I started making money online. Unfortuanately now that ebays rules have changed I have had to tweak this a little but it still works. How did you make your first $1000?

1. The first thing I did was obtain a large collection of private label rights articles and ebooks. For those who arent familiar with plr.. this means that I was able to make the contents of ebooks my own and change them. From this is rewrote the ebooks in my own words. In the end I had quite a large collection of ebooks in a wide variety of niches.

2. I then joined 2 affiliate programmes. and I researched and selected a handfull of top products in the same niches that my ebooks where in. I then included links to my affiliate products throughout the ebooks.

3. I then got a nice cheap domain name and called it sumthing nice. I also got a host to host my domain. I then purchased a website and spent a few hours uploading my ebooks that I created to my nice new site. I had these books selling here for about $2.Nothing had went live at this stage.

At this stage all I had spent was money on my plr ebooks, a domain and hosting package...And my little website template.

I had about 40 or 50 ebooks stocked on my website at this stage.

4. I then signed up for aweber for my autoresponder. This was the best buy so I reccommend it to everybody. I created a few opt in forms and loaded them to my website. I had them poping up on various different pages. As my website offered ebooks on loads of different niches, I used the pop up to offer a number of ebooks worth $25 for free and life time information throught my mailing list. Again nothing had wnt live at this stage and I hadnt made a single dime.

5. With every ebook that I created I put them in a zip file and also inclued a pdf file within it that was titled something like " BONUS ITEMS" or something that would grab the readers attention for that particular niche. In that pdf file I had a link to an opt in form for my mailing list receivng loads of free ebooks. I also had 2 other links to affiliate products.

6. I had ebooks in every niche imagineable so the website catered for everybody. At this stage i decided that I would take each niche in turn and create a product of my own. The first product that I created was in the "MAKE MONEY ONLINE NICHE"...I included links to my product in every ebook in that niche that I had. I think I had around 60 ebooks in total by now.

7. I then set up an ebay sellers account. I created sales pages for every single ebook that I had. I used a template for each one and this saved alot of time. Still nothing had went live...

8. Step number 8 was when I started using a neat little package called my digital dispatch. This meant that every ebook that I sold through ebay or my website would be sent instantly to the customer. So I really could earn money in my sleep. I created a basic letter that would be sent out with every sale. This also included a link to the ebook download page and my dd affiliate program.

9. For every ebook I then created a download page. On my download page I had a pop up opt in form and 3 links. One link to download their ebook, one to an affiliate link and in the case of the "MAKE MONEY NICHE" I had a link to my own product.

10. I then researched the best time to sell products on ebay. I started listing my auctions. I sold ebooks at 1c and up to $5. I also sold my BIG product that i created in the make money niche for about $47.

11. I downloaded a program that managed my ebay listings. For my first day I set the times I wanted my auctions to start and then set everything up to go live. i had ebook auctions set to end every hour.

12.I then went to bed and came downstairs the next morning. I had sold around 10 ebooks worth $3 approx. Not much?? But I had also made 2 sales of my product at $47 each. I had 5 subscribers to my list. And guess what???This system is automated right down to me leaving feedback for others on ebay.

13. Over the next few months I created more ebooks and more big products. My list started to bulge and the sales where rolling in and all I had to do was monitor everything and come up with new ideas.

To get the feel of how my system worked put yourself in the customers shoes.

Lets say you where on ebay searching for a product in the "MAKE MONEY ONLINE NICHE". And you saw a really good one for $3. Would you buy it? Most people will epecially if they see they will receive it within minutes. So....You have bought your ebook and you go to your email and are amazed to see that it had arrived already!!! You then see the link to my digital disptch...You might want to buy it??? well that meant affiliate sales for me.

You then go and click on your download link. As you are directed to the download page you notice a pop up offering you more free ebooks!!Will you grab this special offer!!!....You then notice links to 3 other amazing products....You might buy.....!!!

You then download your ebook and as you read it you notice hot click on them and decide to buy???/Guess what ????More affiliate sales for me.

If you decide not to buy any products the chances are you will buy something at a later stage as you will be on my mailing list for life.

.................................................. ....................

I also give away master resale rights on some of my products which meant the traffic exploded to my main products and everybody was linking back to my website.


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  • I made my first $1,000 via ghostwriting. Researching and presenting 'how-to' information on IM subjects taught me, my clients and their readers a ton of good information.

    I've moved beyond that...
    "The will to prepare to win is more important than the will to win." -- misquoting Coach Vince Lombardi
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      Originally Posted by Vince Runza Online View Post

      I made my first $1,000 via ghostwriting.
      I have a similar story. I did it with a mix of ghostwriting and getting paid for other types of Internet content. And, in the process, I learned a lot about many different (and profitable) niches, including IM.
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        Stuart, i heard that selling digital products on ebay is banned. Did you use ebay classified ads.
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          I started out selling physical and digital products on eBay (before digital items were banned).

          I learned a ton of great info right here on the WF and decided to write my own ebook about selling on eBay, so I did it. I knew the most about selling on eBay and decided to begin with what I was good at.

          I started creating and selling reports as WSO. I learned how to do this and I learned how to write my own sales letters.

          I began doing this about two years ago and have now written more reports than I can remember, somewhere around 15-20.

          I hate to admit it but 2-3 of them were total flops! But then on the other hand, I've had several that earned me over $1,000.00.

          It's been quite a ride these last two years
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            Hi sachibhat

            Notice the top line of thread lol I had to tweak this once ebays rules changed. This is how I started out.

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                I started at a young age collecting stamps. In 2005 I heard that one stamp sold for $2.9 million dollars at an auction. It was the misprinted 1918 “Jenny” stamp depicting an upside down airplane. This was a 24 cent stamp that someone had goofed and made 100 of them. Can you imagine making so much profit from someone else's mistake?

                Anyway, I started selling stamps on eBay in 2006, and one of my first stamps sold for $1,200. And I'm still selling stamps on eBay making a nice profit from other people's mistakes.
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    I used a FREE web site.

    I wrote a promotion for a product a local marketing company was selling.

    I posted the promotion at this FREE web site. I drove traffic to it with posts at forums and bbs.

    I did NOT take the money, I did NOT ship the product, I was paid a COMMISSION on each unit sold. In six days, I made just over 1100 bux.

    It was 1996. Free website. Selling someone else's product. NO merchant account, never touching the product. Paid a commission on sales.

    I'm doing pretty much the same thing today with a few twists and turns along the way.

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    I have been part of many biz ops and thats how i made my first $1000 online.

    but recently i got out of the Biz op world and into making my own products and affiliate marketing.

    And made well over $1k with my first product in a week, along with my new system i created which i reveal in my video course.

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      My first marketing dollars was running a web directory, where I made a couple hundred bucks, but I soon realised going down that route would be a big mistake...besides I couldn't justify selling "Google PR lol"..

      I then stumbled upon the Warrior Forum and offered article writing services where I did make $1000+...

      Article writing was interesting...but eh...I dont think I could ever do it again, unless I was desperate
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