New to Warrior Forum. Hey guys!

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Hey guys, i'm new to the forum. I've dabbled in internet money making for a few years off and on doing random things. I do graphics and web design and a bit of programming.

The only ventures i've taken part in are e-commerce business. I ran a couple of different web sites selling kits that I was making for a niche. This all went downhill about a year ago.

I'm looking at getting back into making money online because frankly, I hate my job and just don't make enough. I'm searching around and enjoying the forum and finding many different ways you guys make money.

I'm a bit stumped as to what I should start first in. Does anyone have any suggestions or any advice that could possibly be of any assistance to me?

I hate to sound like a total newbie and I have been searching around the forum. A nice kickstart would be most appreciated though.

Nice to meet all of you guys. I hope to stick around here for a while.
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    Welcome to the Warrior Forum.

    I would suggest that you go with your strengths at first until
    you decide what you are interested in.

    ie.) graphics, web design, programming

    There are plenty of people in the forum that could use your services.

    Look into the Classified section for people "looking to hire" designers,
    look at what other designers are offering and at what price points.

    Create a website to showcase your past work.

    Look into offering your services as a WSO (Warrior Special Offer)

    WSOs are offers that you make to members of the Warrior Forum
    at a rate lower then you would normally offer to the public.

    Again look at what others are offering in their WSOs and find one
    offer to model your own offer after.

    Read alot, contribute your experiences when possible, be social,
    and most importantly take action on what you learn.

    Scott Logan
    Night Owl Marketing
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    nice to meet you, welcome to the forum
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    Thanks guys. I'm loving this atmosphere so far. I've been checking out the site and I think I can really go somewhere with it. I think i'm going to offer my services and put something together for WSO as well.
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  • What kind of kits did you make, and why did it go downhill?
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      Welcome to the forum we all started off new so dont worry.

      If you looking for ways to make money what I would suggest is to think about what are the things you like to do. What are you passionate about?

      You said you dabble in website design is that something you enjoy doing. Do you like writing? Do you want a home business or a work at home job? We can offer more advice if we new what you like to do. The truth is not every idea will work for you.

      I mean some people are passionate about writing articles and some people can stand it. I have tried money making ideas that I couldn't stand and I have tried some that I really liked. The first step is deciding what you would like to do to make money.
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    Welcome to the forum and I agree with what Scott Logan (post #2) had to say about it.
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    Good Luck and Welcome.
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  • Hi,
    Welcome to the forum.

    The advice I would give someone in your position is to find out 'how you want to make money online'. This is the key to me. Chose a business model (e.g. Amazon, Clickbank, Pay Per Click, Adsense etc) and then work on that one model alone.
    If your model requires knowing SEO so that your site can rank well, then focus on learning SEO as well.

    My point is, don't fall into the newbie trap of jumping around and clicking on every shiny new object you can find. Spend some time working out how you are going to build your business and then only focus on those features.

    I sent you a pm as well.
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    Welcome to the forum. I'd suggest you first educate and make yourself aware of the many different ways in which you can make money online, and then focus on just one method until you make some headway. Don't fall into the trap of "dabbling" in this and that, because professional "dabblers" rarely ever make any money in IM!

    One of the best ways to begin your IM journey is by joining the War Room here, you'll get an unparalleled IM education (worth many thousands if you actually use the information) for a measly $37!

    >>> Features Jason Fladlien, John S. Rhodes, Justin Brooke, Sean I. Mitchell, Reed Floren and Brad Gosse! <<<
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    You are welcome to the forum. Don't worry about it, everyone was once a newbie to IM. You'll get there.
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      Hi and welcome!

      I agree with Scott and Paul.

      You need to START in ONE direction and remained FOCUSED.

      Since you said you did graphics,that direction could be the graphics business.

      Graphics are EXTREMELY hot in the IM world so the advice i can give you is to learn how to create stunning graphics,study photoshop guides,learn how to create killer minisite designs,squeeze pages,ecovers and much,much more!

      After you have learned the "secrets" in this field,possibilities are endless to make money.

      You can create your own minisite templates,web graphics packs,your own graphic tools for photoshop and then sell them on platforms like Flippa or here as Wsos.....the sky is the limit.

      You have in your hands a great opportunity to make money,so take it!

      All the best to you,
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        Welcome on board, i am new here too, i have gotten enough insights from replies of members on how to start out as an IM professional,i am looking forward to learning, i will sign up in the WAR ROOM to get all i need to get started.I sick and tired of my 9-5 jumping out of bed(JOB) every morning.

        Destined for Greatness Online

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    Ideas for you to start with.

    Fiverr is a great way to make some oney whatever your skills are. Look and see what other people are selling there and do something similar. Reply to requests that you can fulfil.

    WebAnswers is another way to make money from your knowledge. Give really good answers to a few questions you know a lot about, and you'll be making some money.

    Squidoo lenses etc. are really good too, as it's free, and a great way to learn how to make money, and learning how to improve your revenues by backlinking, better use of Tags, better product placement etc etc.

    I recommend using the above, or similar, to make some money for free, and learn a bit first. Then develop onwards from there.

    For example, once you've built up some positive feedback on Fiverr, you can move up to oDesk, Elance etc. You can even put in a link to your Fiverr feedback, so that people on those other freelance sites can see how good you are, before you've got any feedback on those sites themselves.

    Another example, once you're getting some income from Squidoo, apply the same principles to a blog of your own on your own site.

    Whatever you're doing, ask lots of questions here, and keep a copy of any useful info and methods you find.

    Or if you feel you'd rather jump in a little deeper, start with your own blog right now. You can make an easier start by buying one that has a lot of the work done for you, so you don't have to learn everything at once. If you're interested in this own-your-own-blog route, have a look at my Sig

    HUGE Affiliate Opportunity! VideoBootstrappingMasterclass: 100% commission (paid in as little as 3 days), ideal for SEO, Video-marketing, MMO/IM audiences. For details:Click here for our Partner JV Page.
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    hi and welcome.

    Here are the biggest and best tips I can give you.

    1) stay away from teh Make money online niche.

    2) the economy is suffering, and while most people will tell you the economy sucks and people have no money, use that to your advantage. What are the niches that did well during the last great depression.

    Many millionaires were made during this time, why? they saw demand, they saw supply and demand and where it was the greatest. So study what niches and services did well during this time and go there. We already shifted into some of these niches and making some very good money. That is what I suggest you do. it is not that hard, once you start investigating.

    wish you much luck.
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    Nice! I'm a new guy too, and its great to see such helpful and courteous replies! Lookin forward to checkin the site out..
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    get to know yourself first..
    what's you interest..
    then learn more info about your interest..
    then, take action following your planning..
    don't forget the PLAN!
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