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Hey Warriors,

I hope you're all doing great. I'm actually building my own outsourcers team and I was thinking on how could I provide 80 to 200 worth of work hours everyday. Everyone who are actually work overloaded are probably saying : "Man, that is the easiest question I ever seen" but remember, I have to provide these 80 to 200 worth of work hours 5 days on 7 x approx. 48 (at least 1 month off for my workers ). So, it's approximatly 19200 to 48000 hours of work per year and I want to be able to plan these hours before I hire all my employees.

I don't know if you already thought about the possible power of outsourcing but if not, imagin these hours to worth 20 to 25$ each, we get a nice business here.

So, let's get back to the problem : find enough work. The work doesn't have to be very fun to do (it's always better if it is and it always depend on what you like), it also can be a repetitive work (always better to mix these tasks that might sound repetitive to make sure your employee like his work).

Here are my ideas, I hope that some warriors will help me to increase that list so everyone here will be able to use this source when they'll be thinking about tripling their working hours without effort

Ideas :

-MySpace Marketing (I'm reading some eBooks about this, I don't know much yet)
- Article Marketing (They create articles and submit them)
- PPC Campaign Managing (They create differents simple campaigns and optimize them)
- Blogs Managing (Write blog post, post them, manage comments)
- Squidoo Page Creation (Create Squidoo pages)
- Simple Website Creation (Create and add content to multiple simple websites)
- Content Creation (Add content to multiple websites)
- Video Marketing Campaign Managing (Create multiples videos from different articles already written and publish them)
- Assisting you with differents easy tasks (Get me the best place to buy a Plymouth Road Runner 1973)
- Knowledge research (Look for the new marketing ideas, read eBooks and tells you what's good and what's not, how to increase the productivity of the enterprise, etc..)

I was also thinking about Yahoo Answers marketing, does anyone knows anything about that? How does this works?

I'm waiting for your ideas and I'll add them to this post!

Thanks everyone.
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    why don't you start with a smaller amount of employees if you can't find enough work. Then hire more when you have more work.
    just my thoughts
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    You are right on this maverick8. Anyhow, the purpose of this post is to create and share new ideas for anyone that might need them. Also, like everything I do, I like to plan for the future and to start thinking on what I'm going to do when I'll get there. I love outsourcing and if I can discover new ideas, I'll hire as much people as I can$ so I'll boost my profit for the next week, month, year, etc..
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      Yahoo Answers works pretty well to get some targeted traffic. If you throw enough links over there your bound to get a few sales from it. Just don't spam the hell out of it. For your first 20 or so post I would not leave a link. After that I would leave a link maybe 50% of the time you answer.

      Also becareful when dropping links in the IM section. People over there are ruthless about flagging your answers even though they posted a link as well. They just want to kill their competition so they flag everything and then you wind up getting your account suspended.
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        Thanks for the info, I'm surprised that this post doesn't get much answers. Don't hesitate to participate!
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    I just hired 2 full time content writers, let's see what it does and if I'll get new tasks ideas.
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      Originally Posted by JMLebeau View Post

      I just hired 2 full time content writers, let's see what it does and if I'll get new tasks ideas.
      Can you share with us, in which country they live, how much do you pay per hour or per month. How did you find them, freelancer sites or this forum?

      How many articles a full time article writer is supposed to write in a day?

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    Yes, you definitely want to start out slow. In this day and age everyone wants something cheap, and until you establish a good relationship with some people who will throw you good work, you may have trouble filling your workers hours consistently.


    WarriorForum Rules!

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    They lives in the Phillipines, I found them on bestjob.ph, I pay them 2$/hour approx., I think a full time article writer should write 8 to 10 articles per day but it's only me. I'm surprised no one have other ideas here?
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      we all have idears and we all have a qulity of out put also
      its agreat idear to hire at $2 and sell at $20 the secret is finding qulity and also clients that can pay
      "You can get anything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want." -Zig Ziglar
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