Can someone help me get my site going?

by Sylent
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I have never built a site before, I did use HostGator to create it, I bought a WSO from some one that contains all the files for the site that are needed, I just need help to learn how to get it on the site.

Can some one add my MSN (
Or my Skype account (seipher09) and help me out if possible?
  • I use hostagator too.

    The best thing to do is download an ftp client and use that to help you upload your files.

    I use pagebreeze professional html editor as it allows me to design my sites and includes an FTP client (file-transfer protocol).

    your ftp address should be:

    ftp://<your website name>

    you'll need your user name and password.

    Failing that, maybe you should contact live support from your hosting provider. They'll be glad to help you with any issues you are having.
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    Problem is...I have no clue what half of what you just said means lol. I am very new to this, never made a site, or anything close to it before.
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    pm me mate and i will do it for free
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      Originally Posted by anton343 View Post

      pm me mate and i will do it for free
      well I don't really want it done for me, I am trying to learn how. In the future I will prob be making another site and will be back at this same step.
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        I just sent you a message via Skype.

        I can probably help you to learn how to get the site up
        for yourself.

        Dedicated to mutual success,



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    Thank you so much for all your help Shaun! your a great man with a lot of experience.
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