Which is better Aweber or Icontact

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Any ideas from warriors?
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      I have used them both...Personally I think Aweber has tons of great features, but overall iContact does seem more user-friendly and has better usability.

      Aweber is the most high-tech, perfect for those who demand the best in their email marketing tool. iContact is definitely the more affordable choice, while having a moderate set of features and tools.

      The debate about Aweber vs iContact is sure to continue, but the most important thing is to just choose one and get started with your email marketing campaigns.
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    Aweber hands down, easy to start and makes drip campaigns super easy.
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      Aweber all the way.


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    I prefer aweber.
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    I havent used Icontact yet but I like Aweber since they the ones I am using now.
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    another vote for aweber


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    Couple months ago, I'd have said Aweber hands down but wasn't fond of their "pay-as-you-grow" payment model. Is a list able to pay itself as it grows? Well it should IMO but honestly, I think Aweber makes enough money as it is so paying $1,000 per month for a service that preys on size, not really something I vouch for, kinda like hosting companies that make you pay as you get more traffic, to me that's asinine, there's services that your price structure will never change.

    That's why I use TrafficWave. To me, it's the best AR out there and the price never changes either you have 10 subscribers or 10,000,000, always $18 per month. It's owned by Brian Rooney who's a regular in the WF and I'd much rather give my money to another warrior rather than a company who's been around for ever, share the wealth, I always say

    The big diference between TW & AW is the fact that AW allows for single opt-in and TW doesn't. Besides, you get much better leads from double opt-in. That's how AW makes their money is by offering single opt-in because people are collecting garbage leads which they pay for. If someone wants to be on my list, if they confirm that they want to be on your list, those leads are worth it, not those who just enter their emails to get a free gift IMO.

    I cancelled AW a couple months ago and never regreted it one bit. The only thing you won't get is the "pretty" forms but you can still make your own forms... I have a bunch of templates from AW and slap a TW code on it, works like a charm It's entirely up to you but I think TW is one of those "Golden Nuggets" and Brian Rooney's a good guy, I wouldn't be shocked if he came to input is 2 cents
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    I vote Aweber although I use my own inhouse script now.
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    Interesting, I will check out Trafficwave. But I disagree that web hosting should always be the same price. So much goes into properly running a secure server, resources on the server and ultimately customer service. But moving someone from a shared acct to a VPS when they need more server resources makes sense.
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    I have never used Icontact because of the service and quality of Aweber. I have no reason to change.
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    I have experience of using both AWeber and iContact
    so can compare the two directly.

    Which is better for you depends upon what you want
    your list for, how you'll be building your list and also
    how technical you are.

    For example, do you want to have the freedom to import
    your list without requiring them to re-confirm? Then you'd
    likely be better off using iContact.

    If you're building your list using many tools that required
    integration with an autoresponder, then you'd likely be
    better off choosing AWeber because they are one of the
    first autoresponders to get integrated with common list
    building tools.

    If you're not very technical and don't know how to 'pretty
    up' your web forms (or don't want to pay someone else to
    do it) - then you'd likely be better off choosing AWeber
    because they have a wide range of pretty forms to choose

    In general, I find that iContact has a much easier to use
    interface so you can focus on the basics of list building.

    iContact also have a free plan for your first 500 subscribers
    so you can use them at no cost to build your first list and
    then get it profitable.

    iContact have an in-build survey tool too so you can find
    out what your list wants (and then give it to them).

    iContact does not have as many sophisticated features
    as AWeber does - such as automation tools, being able
    to push data via the URL, etc. It depends upon how
    sophisticated you want to get.

    iContact will let you import lists without requiring them to
    re-confirm - and this can be very beneficial.

    AWeber has a lot more features than iContact but I find
    that the AWeber interface is less user-friendly.

    AWeber has great support and many Warriors use them

    At the end of the day, it depends upon you and your
    specific situation as to which of the two is better... for

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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