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by Ted_B
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Hello warriors,
I have a quick question today. I'm trying to use a small welcome video when people land on my home page, and I'm really a rookie at this. The question is, would you have the video play automatically as the page loads, or rely on people clicking play so they can see the message? Currently I have it play automatically, but is that annoying to people?
Just wondering...
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    let it play automatically... increases conversion
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      Sounds good to leave on autoplay as long as it is clear to see and the viewer is not scrolling around looking for some small video thats playing away.
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        Originally Posted by RightGood10 View Post

        Sounds good to leave on autoplay as long as it is clear to see and the viewer is not scrolling around looking for some small video thats playing away.
        yes, I agree with that. There's nothing more annoying that a video that's playing somewhere, while you are looking at something else on the same site or a different site. So be honest and straightforward . . . put the video somewhere extremely obvious, and make sure the Pause button is easy to find.

        I might be somewhat different to others, but video anoys me generally, in things like courses and sites, because if I was reading, I'd get to the small bits of info I actually want, much quicker, rather than having to listen to a bunch of stuff that I already know, or don't want to know, first. So I avoid watching video where possible. But I might be unusual in that

        You could, of course, split-test things, and find out the real results

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    I would say auto play it with an option to pause.

    It is annoying. But if visitors have an option to pause, that is acceptable.

    We simply cannot force people to do something they don't want to do. No matter how clever we think we are, it is very easy to hit the back button.

    If there is other content on the page, like headline, some more text, author bio etc., I normally like to go over those before watching the video. But I almost always watch the video if there is one, atleast start it. Maybe it is just me. But I think showing resistance to force is a common attitude.

    My .02 cents

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    Ted, the fact is that, you don't know and neither does anyone else.

    It's all just supposition until you TEST it on your OWN site.

    Let your market tell you what is best and what converts best. Test say 500 visitors with autoplay and 500 without. Which gave you better conversions?

    That is your target market telling YOU what is best to do.

    Never work on supposition or other people's opinions. Test, test, test. Because that way lies success in this game.
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      I think you will need to test it out. Personally, I find it annoying if it just starts playing automatically. But who I am to argue if the conversions are higher? I would say definitely have a ways for them to stop it.

      Laurie Neumann
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    automatically does better for conversions...though if I visit someone's website often and have no choice but to visit the welcome page, it gets

    As long as you keep the msg short and sweet, it seems most people don't mind.
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    Hey Ted, definitely let it play automatically. Will always increase conversions. BUT like your fellow warriors mentioned earlier, make sure to have an option to pause. It's kinda annoying, but as marketers, we see a zillion of these. Not everyone thinks like us, thank goodness so it may not be annoying to others.
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      I have a welcome video on my home page and I've been getting a lot of compliments on it from my visitors. It's not intrusive and there's the option for visitors to stop the video if they want to.

      If the video is done well though, people may want to hear it all the way through, which is what I had my "spokesperson" do for my pages.

      I have welcome videos on three other pages within the site as well and I've had nothing but good words about them.

      Again, I think a lot of it has to do with how well the video is done and how "salesy" it is too.
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        Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the feedback. And the ideas about testing, I will definitely incorporate this.

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    I have been wondering about the same thing. I wanted to add the video, but not at the expense of having my website look unprofessional. Nonetheless, I think going with the auto play is the best option.
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    Yes test, auto play converts for me but i have a pause too.
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