Payment Processor for India that Accepts Credit Card and Paypal?

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I provide SEO Services. I used to have have PayPal, MoneyBookers and 2CO (for Credit Cards) as payment processors on my website before. But, now that PayPal has closed services for India (not more than 500 USD of payments allowed and all those things). I wanted to change the payment gateways on my website (as I do get payments of more than 500 USD).

Also, I don't really love 2CO due to their massive fee structure. But, still I'm going to use that if I find no other solution.

What, I want from you guys is a suggestion of a Payment Processor that will accept Credit Cards as well as PayPal (as a lot of my customers from USA still have PayPal account and wish to pay with their PayPal accounts, instead of Credit Card).

I know of only one Company i.e 2Checkout which accepts Credit Cards and PayPal both as a payment method.

I also heard about this service, which is also accepting both Credit Cards and PayPal payments - but I read a lot of negative reviews about this company that they ask for manual phone call verifications from customers and lot of other not so good things.

So, do you guys have any suggestions other than 2CO/Plimus that could be used for India?

Any help, would be greatly appreciated.


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    Click2Sell Affiliate Network - Innovative Affiliate Marketing Network can do what you need but I think is as expensive as 2checkout except for the set up fee which you don't have to pay with Click2sell
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    I was hoping to go with Plimus but i guess i'd better do some more research

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      Originally Posted by Dann Vicker View Post

      I was hoping to go with Plimus but i guess i'd better do some more research
      Plimus have similar restrictions re India.

      Here's a part of the email they sent me recently:

      As a Plimus vendor based in India, we are informing you that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently outlined new requirements for governing the processing and settlement of export-related receipts facilitated by online payment gateways. In order to comply with the RBI guidelines, effective immediately Plimus is forced to take the following actions on your account:

      1. For purchases - the only purchase options your shoppers will now have are PayPal Wallet, Money Bookers, wire transfer, checks or European alternative payment methods*

      2. For existing ongoing subscriptions - no effect - these will continue

      3. For new subscriptions - PayPal Wallet is now the only choice for purchase

      Because these requirements are mandated by the government of India and the RBI, the changes have already been made to your order pages by our engineering team. *We suggest you check them out and validate everything is working as described. **
      Here's one that's looking good. Haven't (yet) tried them.

      CCAvenue :: Merchant Account, Credit Card Processing & Payment Gateway

      All success
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    You can always ask your customer to pay 2 times. As per the new guidelines, you can't have a single transaction of 500$ +

    The best solution is ask them to pay twice. You can also tell your clients to pay you directly to your bank (you would need NEFT and swift codes).
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    Why not Alertpay?
    I like them and the transaction pin they have before you pay or send money on anyone
    Selling these Domains
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    i'm suggesting plimus..
    but need to know also if there's other choice btter than them..
    come warriors, who knows please share here! :-)
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    Has anyone come across this Payment Gateway, they offer a 30 days money.
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    Have you tried Fast Spring they also process Credit Cards and
    PayPal payment, maybe you should give them a try.
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      CCAvenue and EventAvenue are the two payment gateway options provided by Avenues for PAN India transactions, worked fine for us.
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    What about the Moneybookers/ Skrill? if you think the Paypal or , 2CO is not suited for you, you can use the Skrill.

    "Be aware for the next world"

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    I know Paypal is not support in India. Skrill is the best for india..
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    According to the October,13 update by paypal, you should be able to receive up to $3k, rather than $500 from your customers. Just make sure yours is a business account and not a personal one.
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