How To Find CPA & Affiliate Offers?

by SeanyG 3 replies
Hey guys,

While I'm not new to affiliate marketing in general, I still need to find an efficient process for finding CPA & Affiliate offers to promote with my niche sites.

With so many different networks scattered for CPA and affiliate offers, how do you find offers to promote?

Lets say you create a niche site thats getting some traffic. Where would you look to find offers? What is your process for finding high converting & high paying offers that are relevant?

I am familiar with Offervault. Is that the best source?

Looking forward to hearing your CPA & affiliate offer advice!

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    Someone has to have an efficient process for finding high-converting offers they would like to share!
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    Good question, but here's the trouble, no one making good money wants to reveal how they are doing it or what offer they are using.

    There are lots of affiliate networks out there and the best one depends on what your niche is and the type of buyers that you attract your site.

    One tricky thing you can do is to find websites that are similar to yours, that seem to be doing well and look at what advertising they are doing. Most websites that are successful are going to have their best advertisements on their front page and above the fold.

    Email me with your traffic questions: NicksTrafficTricks [at]

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