How much were you making after 1 yr?

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I have been studying and practicing IM for about 6 weeks now. I am 27, own enough rental property to pay all of my bills. I plan on building niche sites in the beginning and gaining traffic through SEO. I am also testing out purchasing niche sites from some members on here. I can and have been working about 40-60 hrs a week. I say all of this to ask this, What would be a monthly goal for me to be making 1 yr from now. I understand this number can vary greatly depending on a number of things. Just curious as to what most people were making after there first year full time in the biz.
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  • Hi,
    First of all congrats on building up a nice property portfolio. This is definitely one of my off-line goals for the future.

    It's almost impossible to gauge what you 'should' be earning after a year. This figure is always different for everyone depending on what income model you're using, and exactly how quick you grasp the basics.

    I personally would not focus on financial goals as such, but rather what you are actually trying to achieve. Let's say your goal is to learn how to build a site, and then SEO it to top 3 of Google. So then set yourself a goal of having X number of sites ranking on the first page of Google a year from now.

    Perhaps try something like building 3 or 4 sites upfront which you then learn how to SEO. Work on these sites for 5-6 months or until they are happily ranking well. Then, once you know how to do it, set a goal of building a site every week or month or whatever you are comfortable.
    If you do this properly, and target the right keywords, the money will look after itself.
    That's how I am currently running my business.
    All the best
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    I think everyone's situation and circumstances are different so you shouldn't base your goals on other people. Some people start off slow, and other fast. I think you should set a goal you feel comfortable with and go for it !
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    Mine is making about $400 a month. Not much but i hope to get there someday.
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    If you're working full time in year one then you should be looking at heading towards $10,000+ a month but chances are you won't reach this sort of level until the end.

    First 4-6 months are more about learning the skills required than anything else and setting up a few things so you can kick on towards the $100,000 a year mark towards the end.

    Could be more, could be less. Doesn't matter how much myself or any others were making in year one really, won't affect your numbers at all
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      Well actually it can and probably does. I am reminded of the story about Roger Bannister who finally ran the 4 min mile and then the next year after that 20 people or so were able to break it, because they knew it was possible. There belief level was increased bc of him. I was honestly thinking when i wrote OP my goal for May 2012 was 10k. Bc of your post I now believe it is not a crazy number, and will be more likely to achieve it :-) /rambling
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        I agree with everything JacobJoseph says above. I also take your point about Roger Bannister.

        I do think it depends enormously on what your business model is, and on what skills (if any) you already bring to your own table. And especially on what learning skills you have. And we can't know that.

        I started off with writing ability, technophobia and computer/internet incompetence and still have all three. In my first 4 months I earned very little, but then it was a short gap between there and earning $5,000+ per month (once I'd learned to distinguish between information and myth and discovered the advantages of testing things for myself).

        I don't think I was earning $10,000 per month a year after I started. No, I'm pretty sure I wasn't ... I think more like a year and a half, for that.

        (On the other hand, I did work fewer hours than you're talking about ...).

        Difficult to say, but I don't blame you asking at all: it's exactly what I'd have liked to ask people when I started (but didn't). Anyway, I think it depends more than anything else on your ability to learn, and to see through misinformation, because you're inevitably going to find an awful lot of that.
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