Is there anything Free Online??????

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One of the most misused English word in IM is FREE.....Am I right? I was just wondering if there are free things literally online or this is just but a marketing hype??
Any suggestions of where to get free things online?? (No offense intended)
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    There are tons of free things.. which ones are you looking for?
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  • If you're looking for free, no catch -it's difficult.

    Most businesses can't run on a free model, because it costs them money to bring you free things.

    So for example:

    A free WSO, will cost you the potential to be sold to down the line.

    Free web space will cost you by having to endure advertising.

    Free fiction books on the Kindle are often there to hook you in, on the expectation that you'll want to know what happens and will buy Volumes 2 and 3.

    But, it's a trade off between what you're willing to endure for not having to spend money.

    Sometimes, however, it's best to bite the bullet and to spend strategically.


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    There are tons of information you can get for free by checking WSO,warroom and even in whole internet,But only 10% of people actually utilize it.
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      This forum is free (If you're not signed up for the War Room and you don't want to post WSO's or anything).

      Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Youtube, Craigslist, etc. all those sites are free for basic use. There are more free books, articles, movies, etc. online on a multitude of different subjects than you could ever possibly consume in a lifetime. If you're looking for information on a certain subject, there are probably blogs and other resources online where you can learn about it for free. You may have to narrow down what kind of "free" you're looking for.
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    Every free model is monetized somehow.

    Even this forum is free to use because the owner makes a mint from advertising.

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      Originally Posted by PPC-Coach View Post

      Every free model is monetized somehow.

      Even this forum is free to use because the owner makes a mint from advertising.

      I am just curious Who is the owner ? pssshh
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