how to show my ads to people who already visited my site?

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Hi Guys,

I have seen several times that when I visit a site, those next days, I see ads of that very same site in many other websites.

Obviously is some kind of cookie but I dont know exactly how it works. I would like to use it with my own sites.

Do you know how is this done?

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    It's called retargeting.

    How Retargeting Works | AdRoll

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    Thanks!!! That is what I was looking for!
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      Originally Posted by chewie49 View Post

      Thanks!!! That is what I was looking for!
      @chewie49 - I'm not sure if you got what you were looking for but if not, I just published a WSO that not only explains retargeting/remarketing but also gives you step-by-step instructions on exactly how to implement it using Google AdWords.

      Here's the link.

      Stop Losing 98% of Your Website Visitors!

      Sell to your visitors AFTER they've left your site!
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    If you want to avoid paying for a stats plugin, you can also get a coder to do a quick php for you. Then the code can identify (via cookies) returning visitors and make changes to the website's appearance accordingly.
    My blog, because nothing is a more powerful marketing tool than a well written article.
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    Open an account in '' and you will be able to show the same advertise, to the people who visited your site, on other websites too(retargeting).

    But remember you will have to learn how to use adwords first. Btw adwords is the most powerful way to advertise and to earn a solid income using it. For internet marketers, it is the best option after free traffic from search engines. Highly targeted traffic and less spending. :-)
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