What fonts are being used here:

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1. http://gsniper2.com/images/headlinehd.png

And two more questions:
1.How do you highlight text in yellow in PS?
2.When making headlines such as these how can you quickly make them so they fit perfectly with the width of your template?
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    The fonts used are simple solid fonts (such as arial) and handwriting fonts. As for the solid fonts, the first headline, I see some strokes in there and some italics if that helps.

    Here's a place where you can get handwriting fonts for free: dafont.com/theme.php?cat=603

    The highlight is a simple yellow solid block with just some scribbles at the sides to make it look "human like" and nice.

    Well, it's really easy, simply make the headline design a little bit smaller width then the width of your sales page; then it'll look great.

    If you need any help PM me and I'd be glad to do so.
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