Do marketers work on Easter - Xmas or other spec days?

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Do you work that day?
Do you spend money?

What do you do?

Or its better simply to lie off instead of trying to make some extra $ ?

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    I've been working this weekend :-)

    Heck, my business pays the bills so any chance at keeping the momentum going and I'm there ;-)

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    Originally Posted by nerrutis View Post

    Do you work that day?
    Nope. I don't work holidays. I just poke around online a bit, check email, delete spam.

    Happy Easter.
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      One of the great things about Internet Marketing is you can make money whether you worked that day or not.

      I set up several AdWords campaigns almost a year ago. And every day they still earn me money. It requires me no further work.
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  • I work just the same. For me, Saturdays and Sundays dont mean much.
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    I don't really 'work' but on weekends I still tend to my businesses. Customer support never shuts down.
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    Working, always!
    My blog, because nothing is a more powerful marketing tool than a well written article.
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    Originally Posted by nerrutis View Post

    Do you work that day?
    Do you spend money?

    What do you do?

    Or its better simply to lie off instead of trying to make some extra $ ?

    As a full-time entrepreneur and full-time heathen, today is no different to me than next Thursday. There is money to be made.
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    I do, but only a little bit
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    I always work, weekends, holidays, even if it's only checking my mails and doing urgent customer service work. I don't think I can remember the last day I didn't do any work at all. Oh wait, I can, I didn't work when I was on my honeymoon 2 years ago.

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    Yes I work every single day - what's a holiday?

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  • If I'm not doing anything else, then I'm usually doing something to grow my business. Doesn't really matter to me whether it's a weekend or a holiday.
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    I guess a lot of us (myself included) are just a bunch of holiday Scrooges that don't understand why the Bob Cratchits of the world would actually want some time off...
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  • I work 7 days a week. Really, I do not consider it work. Some people like to fish or play video games as hobbies. I like to do internet marketing. So really, I dont work everyday, I just play around with a hobby that happens to make me money.
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    With the exception of Christmas, I spend at least an hour or two working each day.
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    I have been working all day today

    So no holiday for me..sad
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    You call this work?

    If I enjoy my job, then it is not work.

    I took Friday afternoon and evenings off now, so I don't feel a need to take all of the holiday off, although I will take some time off later today.
    Bill Platt, Oklahoma USA,
    Publish Coloring Books for Profit (WSOTD 7-30-2015)
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  • Yip I do,. mainly because I don't consider it work. I love what I'm doing and would do it even if I didn't earn a cent from it.
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    In the immortal words of Paul Masson...

    I'll take no day off before its time.

    Holidays are just another day...

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    I take about 1 day off a week (and not really even a full day) - nothing to do w/ holidays. Sales are certainly down on days like today but that doesn't have correlation w/ my "to do" list.

    ...and I don't think of this much as "work" either. I absolutely love what I do. In the moments that I don't, it just means that maybe I need a quick nap.
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      Weekends and special holidays like Easter, etc are for
      people who live in the land of 'tick tock' working a job.

      I'm an entrepreneur and work when I want to. If I feel
      like working on Easter - then I bloody well will do.

      Equally, if I feel like goofing of on any day this coming
      week then I will.

      I love what I do and work is play and play is work and
      time sometimes disappears.

      I'd much rather be doing what I'm doing than clocking
      on and off for a jerk of a boss waiting to live on the
      weekends and holidays.

      Tip: If you want to be successful, look at what the
      masses do - and DON'T do it. In fact, go in the exact
      opposite direction!

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    I always forget people think of Easter as such a big deal.

    I don't, really.

    So, no difference to me.
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    Well you can say I did some minor administrative work to day LOL ... i guess when you work on the internet you forget about time and a few other things...get online... start typing and clicking awawy

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    I'm working today. I work every day. But it's not "work" really, because I love it so much.
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    That's the real question perhaps; are you working because you HAVE to or because you WANT to?
    My blog, because nothing is a more powerful marketing tool than a well written article.
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    Holidays I spend with my family, but Ive been working on my business today as well, any day is a great day to make extra money.
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    Yes all the time
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    Every day is work day. In fact the best days to work are those when most people are taking them off. Consider this. We market products globally. Easter is not the same for most parts of the world. Same with Xmas and other "US" holidays.
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    It is not work if you enjoy doing it. The key is to balance your life .
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      Unless I am doing something with friends and family I keep my own hours. Most folks who go to work do groceries in the evening right after work or on the weekends. So, I go grocery shopping during the day. They take long weekends on national holidays, I take them on other days.

      Also just because sales slows down a bit during holidays, doesn't mean I can't plan/prep/work on my business.
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    I take the holidays off and generally spend time with immediate family and close friends. Normally, I'm very flexible about which days off I take for my "weekend" and not always together nor limited to the standard two days. (Just one of the many, many perk of being in this business!)
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      I don't work on those days as I spend them with family.

      I still log in and check my emails and traffic/sales stats though. I like to make sure everything is still ticking over.
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        Well, sometimes I spend time on my computer on holidays, but its does not feel like I'm working. Working is a task that you have to do. I have a business and I spend long hours in front of the computer, it doesn't feel like I'm working.

        Working to me is getting up and traveling to the city and dealing with the large crowds trying to get to the office on time.

        When I get up in the morning everyone in the house is asleep and its nice and quiet. All I have to do is turn on the coffee pot and I'm ready to go etc.

        I don't do anything on Christmas.

        P.S. I spend money all the time.
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    A holiday???? What's that? I'm not at the point where I can allow myself to take a holiday!
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    I don't work as much on the weekends, mostly because I'm busy with my family. I have 3 kids under the age of 3, so I usually go to bed earlier on weekends.
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    I'm not sure you could call it 'working' but I do check up on things. Not everyone celebrates any particular holiday.
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    Depends on my mood that day..

    But usually I don't but spend time with family members instead. After all, I'm doing things online just to have more time with my love ones. So, don't lose track of your main objective.

    Of course, everybody has their own priority.. that's just me
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    I did work. Wrote some copy and done some research. Although I did enjoy a nice, big meal. Actually, my stomach felt like it was about to pop, so yeah, I did work but also took time off for a nice meal.
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    It's funny really... I got into this game to give myself more freedom and here I am - working on a Bank holiday.

    Thing is, when you get good at it i.e. see results, you really don't mind working... In actual fact I enjoy building my business
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    I'll never work on week-end or special days unless my wife forces me to do somethin' that I hate to do
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    I usually do work on weekends and holidays.
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    I work when I want to and if I want to work on Christmas or another holiday, I do. If I don't want to, I don't. But if I don't want to work on any other day of the year, I don't. That's one of the reasons I'm in business for myself. I do what I want to do.
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  • Profile picture of the author erichammer
    I'm Jewish so I work Christmas and Easter . I do take off for Yom Kippur though.
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    I work every day, but I enjoy it. I spend when I feel like it, but Monday seems to be my most regular spending day whether they are bank holidays or not. Today I renewed 2 domains, commissioned some articles and bought a WSO.
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    It's the second day of Easter and I am working. So I guess this means marketers do work.

    But I'm going to have a 5day vacation on seaside soon.

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    Same here, my offline biz staff knows NOT to contact me during holiday hours, but the rare billing or technical problem pops up here and there. That's the benefit of having a 4g phone and a fast connection. I can be connected anywhere
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