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What would your answer be for anyone new to the game; at any level of IM knowledge but whom have not been quite successful as of yet - what do you feel (in your personal expertise) is the proper answer to the below question:

Q: What are the odds for someone starting out to make any kind of money online? Someone seriously willing and determined to learn and apply all that they can - would their efforts be worth the hardwork and alotted time (eventually and absolutely), or would they be in vain because todays internet market is already over-saturated with too much expert competition?

Thanks for any responses to this! =)

Just a curious question, I've received numerous answers all widely varied so I had to ask on the WF =D
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    Join the war room. There's loads of newb friendly stuff in there. I just started a month ago and just joined a week ago. I have to say it blew my freakin mind!

    Ok here's my answer to the question you posed. There's Definitely room to make money. They just have to be vigilant and actually take action. Its no good buying/reading all the various ways to make cash if you never take action and try anything. Personally I think the local offline market is the easiest way to make bucks at the moment. But there are so so many different ways to tackle this market it can be overwhelming. If you feel overwhelmed just focus on one thing at a time. If it hasn't worked after a month or so then change it up try a different method.

    Just remember you cant make money if you sitting on the sidelines.
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    I think if you are able to offer a service you will get a good start. That way you get experience and have some cash flow. Then invest in areas that interest you and expand your knowledge base.

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    I'd say choose a niche that interests you and start building a list in this niche asap. Stick to this one task..don't jump around after every new fangled overnight million dollar system etc.

    Good luck

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      The short answer is that there is always room to make money whether online or offline. Everyone is buying something, somewhere. Most newbs try to do too much in too many markets. This strategy cannot work. I would also say that most newbs don't consider markets outside of the US. But, consider that in other parts of the world people have a whole lot more money than most here in the US. And, yes, they are buying online.

      Another note to consider, the largest buying segment online are women, ages 18-35, and increasingly moving higher in age. Being a woman gives you tremendous advantage over us guys - you can think about the things that women buy - skin care, acne, weight loss.

      Finally, niche it down. Find your sweet spot, pick the right products, sales angle, create compelling and honest content - you can make money.
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    Don't be put off by certain people saying IM is saturated. They just do not want any more competition.

    It's true that it's not that easy to make money in IM, but that's pretty much the same for any market - it just takes focus, planning and a will to succeed.

    Joining the War Room is the best money you can ever spend as so many marketers are willing to help for free.

    I wish you well in your efforts

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