2nd month in aff mkt, and made $320, any suggestions?

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Hello Warriors,
This is Allan,
So I joined affiliate marketing early March, and didnt make any money in whole March, but I did my first sale in early April and now I made a 2nd sale 2 days ago, there is only 2 sales and I've earned $320 dlls so far, for the people that is making a lot of money right now, how did you do on your second month? obviously probably better, but I need to know from experts how am I doing so far, and if there is any suggestions I will appreciate it, I've been doing only SEO, article submission and RSS submission with a program that I purchased, and also youtube video and socialmarker, do you have any other suggestions? I haven't ranked any near to the first page on any of the 7 websites that I've made so far...
Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if im doing ok so far... Every feedback is appreciated.
Thank you!
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    $115 per sale is quite good. I would say you are quite successful. Continue the linkbuilding for the site or sites which are resulting in the sales. Keep linkbuilding for it until you are satisfied with the monthly income. Get to number one on as many keywords as you can. Congratulations on your success!

    My first month in IM was 14 cents. My second month in IM was 78 cents. Does that put it in perspective for you?
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    You are lucky you earned that much in affiliate marketing just in 2 months, it takes a lot of people many more months, sometimes years to make that amount.
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      Just keep scaling it up. That's not bad at all for just starting out.
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    Yeah reinvest and scale up
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    awesome, I am glad to hear that im going through the right way, I will keep doing what I am doing so far as stated on the thread... but any other suggestions that are free and give good results?
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    If you are doing something that is working, keep doing that and tweaking it... You will be very successful if you do that.

    Anytime you can earn a little cash while you learn something, it is a great position to be in. I would imagine most people don't earn much when they first start out... Mostly because they don't do anything. CONGRATULATIONS on getting out there and doing something!

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    Congratulations! That's really great work for a month or so. I echo the above comments of tweak, scale, outsource.
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    Wow Allan, that sounds awesome. I'm in my second month at only 150$ Can you tell me more about your article submissions? I have yet to do that, I think I"m in information overload and not sure where to begin with it. Keep up the good work man.
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    • Yea I'd say you are doing remarkably well for your 2nd month online. Keep up the good work and just keep building on it. A year from now you should be seeing a solid monthly income.
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    I like your nice earning story.
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    you havent earned that money till you get paid that money, have you been paid yet ?
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    Rinse & Repeat
    Rinse & Repeat
    Rinse & Repeat
    Rinse & Repeat
    Rinse & Repeat
    Rinse & Repeat

    As for the fact you are not on page 1 in Google yet, just try hirng Warriors for article writing and others for backlink building and you will see an improvement for all your keywords in Google over the next few months. The sooner you start the sooner you arrive!

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    This is a nice improvement.
    Actually you have to give idea to many of us here.
    We don't even touch that type of amount in our first two months.
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    Whatever you are doing make sure you are building a list of those buyers. Those are gems which over time would pay their due in gold.

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    That's an impressive 2nd month. Just keep doing what you're doing.
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    yes this is so rewarding and annoying at teh same time.

    You need to upscale things and then watch bigger money come in.

    it is all about spending money to make money. I would do this by hiring people to do what you have done.

    Less work, but more profits.
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