How to know if google banned me??

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hi there, i hired a guy to do SEO for me at 250 bucks per month, boy was that a failure, he's gone. But I think i made a bigger mistake, I hire some people from fiverr to do backlinks for me. i now noticed no referrals from google, i was getting referrals before, even if just a few.

i go to cubestat and a backlink checker site, some say i have backlinks, others say "no pages indexed", how do I know for sure if google is indexed my site?

my website is my user name,

i think google banned me or something from the fiverr stuff I was buying and using?

internet marketing is not hard, what's hard and the "trick" is getting the traffic!!! thats what the gurus conveniently leave out in their pitches. You can have the most kick ass awesome product, web design, bells whistles, copywritten by internet god himself, but if you don't have traffic, it means nothing!!!! so frustrating, we have a VERY very good website and product and sales page and copy, but I need the damned traffic!!! THAT is really the trick and key to it all. I can't do google adwords, they don't like my page, so that's out of question, then im left with regular SEO, and trying to find an honest good person in seo is like looking for needle in haystack, fiverr is cool and fun good for some things bad for others. so, now what??

my website url is my user name if you wanted to check it out, not sure if im allowed to post it here???

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